Meditation and Healing Part 3 : Positive Interventions : Color

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    Synchronicity…thank you!

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    Thank you Deepak, it’s so good to listen from you.

  4. Jai666666666

    Does a fire cracker, feel its colors, explode in the night…, some of it must…, a Gnana Master must know that, even for a unit of time that is so small, that it can not exist?

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    Thanks for this wonderful lesson Deepak. I am learning so much from your daily teachings, thank you my friend : )

  7. Gerard Sanford

    👍 I just found that Capitalism is derived from the word for cattle or chattle. Most people are so brain washed they believe that evil dictators, who impose their words upon others to carry their deception, are communists or socialist because they say they are and those who profess Love are liars. Most don’t see that our rulers are our measure and the Golden rule is our standard. The Golden rule is the thing that Moses made for the children of Israel to look upon to save them from death after the bite of the scorpions or sin. I wonder if it’s a lack of compassion that blinds me from seeing the way to show others. I know that what I find wrong with others is what is wrong in me but my feelings sting from the effort and demand reflection on my lack of power and direction.

    The Ego

    1. aham

      “Capitalism” is derived from capital, which evolved from capitale, a late Latin word based on caput, meaning “head”—which is also the origin of “chattel” and “cattle” in the sense of movable property (only much later to refer only to livestock).

  8. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    Dear Deepak,

    Can one heal their immune system, heal mentally from mental trauma or even knit together tissues in this way. I believe I know the answer but I want to hear your take on this.

    I have been studying reiki on my own for a while now and mindfulness meditation via the work of Marsha Linehan previously. I just finished your 21 Day Meditation Challenge and it has helped me tremendously.

    I am most interested in learning more on the healing response through colors due to what westerners call reiki. This involves incorporating colors into healing and the chakral centers associated with colors as you spoke to (although I am not sure where the rest your conversation goes). I am extremely intetested in using any experience to consciously evoke a healing response. I have tried reiki meditations and they have been helpful. I have also listened to other guided meditation for healing since a surgery and I have felt my ankle tissues warm up through my conscious awareness of what we call “body.”

  9. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  10. Braham Sharoha

    Thank you for your dedication


    in the visual (christian religious) arts, we see the use of color to invoke light, bright, serenity, divinity, peace, and deep, dark, foreboding, “evil”. in music we hear sounds that invoke the experience of light, bright, uplifting, as well as melancholy, serene, or “bluesy”,etc.. in the theater, since the advent of the amphitheater, the notion of the plays to invoke the experience of comedy or tragedy (again, light and bright, or sad, melancholy ,and dark )were preformed. emotional quality is inherent in who we are as a species. in the modern western world, most art is for the sake of the momentary impression. the root of consciousness, or mans experiential “translation” of being a part of nature, is not the basis of western cultural psychology. the human experience is free to float about without the grounding of a psychology, which is what brought about all other cultures in history. but, i am favoring the human emotional qualities that are inherent in experience, as opposed to discarding the “human experience” as an illusory and transitory or a valueless experience. i say this because i find myself constantly in the presence of other human beings that project a presence of being absolute, (which i see as delimited or finite, not infinite) believing by virtue of being emotionless they have raised themselves “above” the “ugly mess” or “weakness” of having feelings. it is as if , by holding themselves to only what the physical, 3 dimensional world intellectually tells them they are free from or above those that would allow the experience of “knowing”, (to “know”) to encompass a broader array or experience/knowing/being. … i understand the Japanese, have a preference for neutral tones in the visual field, in certain instances, so as to calm the senses, and allow for an austerity that is evidenced in the TAO. it also appears to be present in a lot of their landscape paintings as well, which tell another aspect of the psychology at work in their posturing for the “meditative life”. by doing so, it is seems it is the ultimate in “self regulation”, in that they allow for the human animals qualities/experience to be oriented to the visual, audible, (theatrical)l, etc field. that allow the human being to embrace or be in the embrace of what his experience suggest is in the nature of all existence. they “root”: the human experience, and the joy and sadness in it. when you see the care taken they celebrate, you know much happiness and peace and other emotional qualities are satisfied. … along the same line, i understand, much of the Chinese culture appreciated “the art of politeness”, ( they seem to still practice bowing to one another). so, the allowing for the honoring, compassion and acceptance of one another along with numerous other practices, was practiced. so the “looking up” or”bowing to”, was to use the senses to respect principles of compassion and honoring, at a minimum. so, the many “colors” of the human experience seem to have a significant place in its (spiritual) history. by not being able to embrace what our emotional dynamics are about, it may be we are not really embracing the whole human being in the modern western world, or allowing artificial or scientific information to regulate or impose a psychology that is not “real” in terms of the dynamics or dimensions of the human being. i am convinced the use of color in the art throughout various cultures, (Egypt, south and north america, Greece, the Islamic cultures, etc.) were all using colors to illustrate the qualities/realities of the various manifestations of “higher mind”, or the divine or the “meditative life”. perhaps the limits of human sight and sound in the electromagnetic spectrum would suggest how the “meditative life” is an attempt to allow for the “deeper” aspects of the human experience to find their place. we want to be healthy and whole, not delimited or manipulated for the sake of cultural order or the information in play. we want to be able to handle the colors that are human, not be at their mercy.

  12. Liliana Chacon

    Dear Deepak: I enjoy very much your teachings. Do you have a way to provide subtitles in Spanish? I would like to share these in my Facebook feed. I could help translating if needed.

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