Existence: The Ultimate Mystery Part 2

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  1. Mae Deringer

    Yes, you make perfect sense. Also, I love your book. I’m reading it for the second time. 🙂

  2. living in a dollhouse

    source (no thing) is the explanation, waveing and manifesting (quantum mechanic) through observation by billions upon billions of wievpoints (I am)

  3. Violet Frankson

    “Ok”** I don’t have to make THINKING THOUGHTS complicated for My Being of Existence, I will take this Trip exactly for what it is & enjoy the smooth ride along the way♡♡♡♡♡Thank You for always being here for Us, I been studying Your work since 1994☆


      you might try the AWAKEN THE WORLD FILMS series on youtube. there are a few of videos but they are easy to watch. … i saw a program on PBS a while back that suggested that originally, the Chinese communicated in picture form, but as time went on they created “an abstact gestalt picture/character to communicate the “idea or thing”. in this respect, “thinking” was not a linear process, but the communication of experiences. it seems the concern for the place of the “thought” or “thinking” is emphasized in this type of conversation about “knowledge” (fundamentally experience/beingness) due to the way it has developed. today, we produce “information” in a linear/”logical” form of expression, not rooted in our experiential nature. it is not beingness that is at work but the manipulation of ideas. in our society, information has taken the lead, with our experience/nature taking a “back seat”. in this respect. the place of “thought” is needing some perspective, so as to transcend the strictly “mental” world. so while on your trip, try putting your experience as the most fundamental aspect of the enjoyment, not your thoughts about it. … the history of civilization is full of how the human experience , in the backdrop of the unknown, brought forth the richness of the arts that it did. it wasn’t done as a “good idea”, but on the experience of “what is”.

    2. Violet Frankson

      @1FREDARMSTRONG thx, I understand where U R coming fm. But THOUGHTS R energy creation, We must create only God THOUGHTS, for Thoughts create Our Own Physical Reality Experience/Trip. It’s THOUGHT IN CONSCIOUSNESS that brought Us here to begin with. Awareness of the THOUGHTS we entertain is vital, We can’t be IGNORANT about that.


      @Violet Frankson if you were to memorize any of the works in any spiritual tradition , and would recite them throughout the day, would it serve self awarness, or self realization? it wouldn’t be the thoughts alone that would be the value in doing so, but the orientation of your awarness to an experience that embraces the divine. (we can recite love poems all day, but, only when you are fully engaged in the emotional power of the experience do you really know “what it means or the value” to be in love. ) have you seen the video where a glass of water is extracted from a water source, then some one yells and screams and curses the water, the water is flash freezed an then viewed under a microscope. what they see, is a corrupt mutant crystal. if the same water is used and some one emanates feelings of love and joy, then flash frozen, the view under the microscope shows beautiful healthy crystals. perhaps the human being is similar in the way “positive” or “negative” “experriences” affect the human being. … the idea of having conviction, if just a set of coherent thoughts, seems week to compared to a conviction based on experience. (we believe in aliens, or we were abducted by one. which conviction has the most weight?) … in being “here” the thoughts or the thinking giving rise to a perspective, or view or vision, is the value of seeking. … have you heard of the 4 kleshas (sp)? the second one speaks of how an aversion to knowledge/the truth keeps one from awakening. in a broader sense the idea of having aversions, is a false limitation. if you allow the heart to rule the head, being compassionate, caring, you can be open to all things, but not tainted by them. most of the cultures that we have any historical record of seem to place a great deal of weight on the value, power of love and compassion. perhaps in the backdrop of an other wise chaotic wild world, to come to such a realization is at the core of their experience, not just a passing casual idea. ( yeah lov’ya man,.. ya, right back at ya.) experience guiding the heart prove to be more powerful than thoughts that worked the “mind”. there is a fine line there, but, get the order wrong and you won’t really “know”.

    4. Violet Frankson

      @1FREDARMSTRONG All I’m stating is very simple, THOUGHT IS CONSCIOUSNESS, I’d like to keep this simple.


      OKAY. me too. let me know if any thing changes.. @Violet Frankson

  4. jen plaska-dansereau

    10000000000000% yes yes yes

  5. living in a dollhouse

    btw. I dont buy the idea from quantum mecanics that the world is created by obsevation. It is manifested by observation and created out of nothing (source, God, Brahman or whatever word you want….Intelligence IQ I like)

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Nice 1

    2. living in a dollhouse

      @Deepak Chopra Im halfway through Quantum Enigma, then I will read some books of Amit Goswami. Have you read him?

  6. camelia elena

    very beautiful video as always, relaxing in hearing you explain and share your unique perception in this dimension . for me, being wisdom at pure state (when im not conditioned) , the best way to or the only way of sharing and explaining myself are the feelings. we will have to dive even deeper until the human race as many other races in the universe , use theyr own feelings and emotions to express waaay better and more acurate. i think animal and plants realm are the only beings at this moment that are more closer to the source than we humans are. we get lost in translation . sadly .what i feel is imensity ,and when i wanna talk about it …99% is lost …


      if you see the organic world and how it is a type of “steady state” in change and transformation, then you see at a fundamental level, i would say. your experience is what is of value. as experience it doesn’t lend itself to linear communication. there in lies the beauty of poetry, the use of metaphors, or other arts. it requires that an image or picture or condition of relationship(s), of what is at work, be evoked, and therefore is more suitable to bring about “awarness”. the power of the human experience is really what is being pursued. it is human potential and how it interprets its context and experience that is expressed in the cultures of human history. … no need to feel at a loss when words fall short of experience. but, the power in your experience is what is of value. knowing how to value your experience, or orient, may mean more to you than “talking” about it. there is a line in the TAO TE CHING that says, “washing and cleansing the primal vision, can you be without stain.” in another verse, it states, ” knowing constancy is insight, having insight can you be open minded, being open minded can you be open hearted, being open hearted you will act royal, being royal will you obtain the divine” . just being the testament to “what is ” is sufficient. put another way, is better to talk about being in love, or to enjoy the experience of it. in a world that appears to be oblivious to “knowledge or higher mind”, i know how one can be over joyed to find some one that can acknowledge the experience, but more fundamentally, it is your “relationship” with them (genuine, from the heart) that is at work. … you might try some ALAN WATTS videos ( starting with some on hindu and eastern culture/philosophy) on youtube. he is an english ordained minister, turned Buddhist monk. he was a major contributor to the perspective(s) that empowered the “flower power” generation of the sixities. also, the AWAKEN THE WORLD FILMS, on youtube has a lot to say.

  7. Hanna RAOUL

    Thank you Deepak, very beautiful talk. You always bring me home and I adore 🙂

  8. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thankyou.

  9. Daniel Griffiths

    Thank you Deepak 🙏 Would you agree that all experience is the creativity of awareness.

    1. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      Mmm this is an interesting thought. I think this may well be an apt description. Namaste 🌻🙏

  10. Kailash

    You could put the phone horizontally when recording

  11. Vanita Lakhwala

    Brilliant, brilliant! Thank You, Deepak. Just love it! Went into Meditation just listening to you. Able to understand all appearances/happenings from this Detached Viewpoint. Thank you for making a very-difficult-to-explain topic, with such clarity. Blessings.

    1. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      I felt much the same listening to this.

  12. Otto Bindels Saco

    Dr. Chopra, please is it possible to place the mic closer to your voice? The volume is very low. Thank you

  13. Nam Nguyễn Hoàng

    Meditate, go within for more understanding.

  14. Pankaj Awasthi

    Don’t we experience non existence in deep sleep? We know that we experienced nothing when we wake up.

    1. Ingrid Johana

      Pankaj Awasthi I don’t know (and I don’t remember) what or who I’m when sleeping…

    2. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      I don’t think so. Can we cal it non existence if the subconscious mind is quietly working while we sleep? This is still existence is it not?

  15. Ronda Smith Richards

    THANK YOU❣Truly a blessing…namaste

  16. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    Shivo – Hum. Is this like “ma caj a pha” (this may be a misspelling – Dr. Wayne Dyer used to mention it but I have been unable to find a translation). “I am that I am.” I am is what Christianity’s god refers to himself as in the Bible (the most familar religious reference I have from childhood).

    I suppose I didn’t understand the reference to Lord Shiva as I am not as familiar with Hinduism although I am interested in all religions and in some ways begin to believe that we (as humans) use religion, references and allegory to teach us. Of course I feel dogma has gotten bolluxed up along the way. I suppose I say that all to ask is this a similar reference in my sphere of understanding? Thank you Deepak. I appreciate the work you do. Your 21 Day meditation is changing my life. Namaste sir. 🙏🌻

  17. fadi 6917

    Thanks Deepak. It truly makes sense about meaning of existence. Beautiful.

  18. Gerard Sanford

    Groovy !!! I call the physical the apparent Universe where things appear as the result of conscious choice creating a fractile of inevitability where the position of all things can be absolutely predicted until the next conscious decision. The number of conscious decisions is the reason for Heisenberg’s constant of uncertainty. 🤗

    1. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      I appreciate your mentioning Heisenberg’s constant here. This was a groovy one.

  19. Ingrid Johana

    How can a human live its existence believing this..?

  20. Dr.Satish Sharma

    ‘EXCELLENT’…after watching three video posts- Existence:the ultimate mystery part -1,2,&3,……one experience as if one is face to face & one with TRUTH/PURE CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS /GOD/SHIVA…one needs to realize & put in practice this knowledge in day to day life without distractions & one automatically becomes ONE with TRUTH/PURE CONSCIOUSNESS/AWARENESS/GOD/SHIVA..and of course ultimately that’s the only goal of all human beings in this life span… thanks 🙏.

  21. Silvana Hay

    There is just existence and there is experiencing your existence on many different levels, according to where you are experiencing from at the time, what level or dimension you are coming from or relating to at the time. Last night I listened to briefly my soul hold a conversation with a very Cosmic deity that manifested a very large pleasing form for me to observe. As I heard myself speak to the higher conciousness I realized that I sounded quite young and naive.

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