A modern recipe for cooking up infinite universes.

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  1. Jocelyne Cadelis


  2. Ewa ŻMUDA

    You told us to “dream big”, and so I listened to You …now I feel absolutely overwhelmed but deep inside the message resonates … Thank You for opening yet one more window..

  3. Sanku Balan

    Hello sir

  4. Jeeksie

    “A digital workshop in a cosmic mind.” This is huge…and very new to me. Even if, of course, it comes out of a human thought and construct. Fascinating neverthless…I will read your article on facebook , so that I get an even better comprehension. Thank you so much Deepak (I love your smile 🙂 ) Merci infiniment.

  5. Emily Vise

    I really love that, despite talking about serious topics, you have a sense of humor. It’s refreshing and helps make things seem accessible. Happened upon the opening lecture for Seduction of Spirit the day it went up and it helped me ultimately release my fear of death in the midst of some troubleblng health issues. I had been struggling with trying to release that fear, and the lecture gave me the insight I needed to do so.

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  7. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  8. Ida Lawrence

    sorry to say that the advertisements every couple of minutes are SO SO distracting and loud – takes away from the message

  9. Gerard Sanford

    It seems to me the Universe appears as we expect it to appear even if we are unaware of most of our expectations. We see the water flow from the top of the fountain that we have drawn into the Sacred pump by a resonance of attraction between the frequency of our Hearts that corresponds with the water of that frequency. The water from the fountain returns to the basin as rain returns to the ocean. Water flows downstream in currents of water droplets that come together because they resonate with one another to form currents. Any time we see water move, the movement is not at all random or at all first come first through. If we observe waves on the ocean and currents in a stream we will see how the water comes together and we can even make some pretty good predictions as to how it will come together simply by looking at it with our eyes.
    I often laugh to myself when I offer these kinds of assertions because I realize that the Truth found in them is largely missed as being metaphorical in an overly simplistic way but if people would just look at how water actually behaves they will see that water is constantly coming together via a resonance of attraction. Everything is as water when observed at a specific closeness as in size like subatomic and becomes as space when looked at more closely.
    Anyone who knows much of chemical biology will know specific parts of the liquids in our bodies are pulled from the larger body of liquid like blood, plasma and Cerebral Spinal fluid by being attracted to particular structures that vibrate at specific frequencies that harmonize with the particles in the liquids.
    Horizon is where the Earth meets the sky. Hormones adjust the frequencies of the structures that attract parts of the fluids in the body. Ganglion act as a bridge from one place to the next as a gangplank. The tide is highest when the moon is full as it is resonating at it’s highest frequency like a hormone excites a cell or like Love excites the eye of Horus to see a new creation. Font determines the strength of the word which is the Holy Spirit which flows through the fountain of Creation from the void of infinite possibilities. Every moment begins with a flood that prepares the Earth for the seed to be planted. 🌄

    1. Gerard Sanford

      The electron transfer chain of our cells reveals how all energy and the information it contains is transferred and transformed everywhere in the Universe. The Great Pyramid and the Tesla tower at Wardenclyffe seem to have demonstrated this concept.

  10. Green-Eyed Child

    happy happy

  11. Green-Eyed Child

    who is Rubina she is always here???

  12. Green-Eyed Child

    Deepak say hi to green eyed child?

  13. Elan Sun Star Photography

    Oh how important this is!. And as many books as I have read on it. these short versions really get the main points across…there really are no “night people” circadian rhythms is set..so thank you for being a daily source of inspiration and wisdom..For some reason it is getting more and more rich an d insight as you progress. I have listened to meta human 5 times.. What a gem I am most others might know of the non local universal self but still we are daily bombarded by stress an d the physical demands and being in transcendence is something that needs to be restated over and over.. Your work truly is timeless and integrated. thank you

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