Existence : The Ultimate Mystery Part 3

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  1. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  2. jen plaska-dansereau

    I honor you, your family, all of US divine both physical and light beings.

    This I AM is more than ME, it contains ALL of us. The ONE consciousness of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND LIGHT.

    It is my sacred intention that all these energies on Mother Gaia, who is another me, another you, all of us, through the violet flame light, given to us, transmutes any energies that do not resonate with unconditional love and light, so that all ascend into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

    ME = YOU = ALL = ❤ = 🐪 = 🌲 = 🌍 = EVERYTHING

    1. jen plaska-dansereau

      In Mayan culture, In Lak’ech basically means “I am another you,” and Ala K’in means, “And you are another me.” 

      26,000 years of this knowing.
      2012, was the end of the previous world, not outside of us, but through the ONE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND LIGHT, inside of us. Our awareness of I AM is ending to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND LIGHT for everyone, Unity Consciousness. I see myself as the One unconditional love and light in this eternal now moment, outside 3rd timeline awareness, outside 4th timeline awareness, into the eternal now moment where all of us create our lives for the highest intention for all of us, which is and will ever be unconditional love and light. I AM there now, so blissful. Namaste everyone and everything. 💙🙏🌍

  3. D graf

    Thank you…When you go…the whole world goes with you…no subject…no object.

  4. Progressive Ideologies

    I m Confused about two different versions of Dr Deepak? 🤔🤔🤔

  5. Reverend Eslam


    The fact that the external, phenomenal universe of names and forms (“nāmarūpa”, in Sanskrit/Pali) exists solely within personal consciousness (and by extension, Universal Consciousness), is superlatively logical. If this material world actually existed as a separate reality, then obviously, it would have limits, because the nature of matter is that it has a measurable, three-dimensional finity. Therefore, if one were to travel to the edge of the universe, there would need to be something WITHOUT the boundary of the universe (some other ’’universe’’, which contains this universe). This contradicts the very concept of a universe (literally, “turned into one”).
    The late, great Professor Dr. Alan Watts’ response to the question: “where is the universe located?”, was: “nowhere and everywhere”.

    This phenomenal manifestation is composed of eight elemental groups – the five GROSS elements (“mahābhūta”, in Sanskrit), which are perceivable by at least one of the five senses, and the three SUBTLE elements (“tanmātra” or “atisūkṣma mātra”, in Sanskrit), which are symptomatic of localized consciousness.

    The five gross material elements and three subtle material elements are (from most gross to most subtle):
    Solids (AKA earth – “bhūmiḥ” or “pṛthivī”, in Sanskrit) are made of densely-packed atoms and molecules of a steady shape at room temperature.
    Liquid (AKA water – “jala” or “āpaḥ”, in Sanskrit) is composed of moderately dense molecules (usually including at least some water) of no fixed shape.
    Gas (AKA air – “vāyuḥ” or “marut”, in Sanskrit) consists of rarefied atomic particles of no fixed shape.
    Heat (AKA fire – “analaḥ” or “tejas”, in Sanskrit) is made of kinetic energy (which may or may not appear visibly as fire, or at least heat waves).
    Ether (AKA space – “ākāśa” or “khaṃ”, in Sanskrit) is a vacuum consisting of three-dimensional space (length, breadth, and width), or at least filled with virtual particles (matter and antimatter) according to quantum field theory.
    The mind (“manaḥ”, in Sanskrit) is composed of sensual perceptions, instinctual thoughts, abstract images (including memories and fantasies), and emotions.
    Intellect (“buddhiḥ”, in Sanskrit) consists of conceptual thoughts.
    Ego (“ahaṃkāraḥ”, in Sanskrit) is comprised of the “I” thought (almost always the illusory, temporal self-identity). Read Chapter 10 for a full explanation.

    Each of the FIVE gross material elements corresponds to one of the senses of the body. E.g. in outer space where there is a vacuum (ether), one can detect sounds via the ear, whereas solid matter can be seen with the eyes, felt with the sense of touch, tasted with the tongue, smelt with the nose, and heard with the ear (when physically vibrated).

    Beyond these eight material elements is the TRUE self – which pervades the entire body, and indeed, which is the Universal Self (“ayam ātmā brahma”, in Sanskrit). That explains why we say: “This is my hand”, “This is my mind”. Who is the owner of the body? It is us, the anti-matter, the inextinguishable authentic self/Self (“ātmana/Paramātmana”, in Sanskrit).

    HOWEVER, all eight elements are in fact “made” of Consciousness, since, as demonstrated previously, naught but Consciousness exists. Consciousness is the ultimate reality. Just as a wedding ring depends on gold for its very existence, so too does the phenomenal universe depend entirely on ”Beingness” or “Isness”, Consciousness, and Blissful Awareness.

    Although The Absolute cannot be verbally-described, (otherwise, it would be an OBJECT), as a concession to materialists, Infinite Consciousness has said to exhibit three innate attributes, known as “sacchidānanda”, a compounded Sanskrit epithet, consisting of the three words “sat”, “cit” and “ānanda” – Eternal Being(ness), Existence, or Truth; Conscious Knowledge; and Perfect Peace (often translated as “bliss”).

    Because Absolutely Nothing (“Brahman”, in Sanskrit) is Infinite Creative Potentiality, it “explodes” into Absolutely Everything.
    Atributeless Consciousness at Rest (in Sanskrit, ”Nirguna Brahman”) manifests as this phenomenal universe (Consciousness in Action, or “Saguna Brahman”).
    In REALITY there is no separation of anything at any time (assuming that Consciousness is a “thing”, and that time is an attribute of The Uncaused Absolute).

    The phenomenal manifestation is eternally cyclical, because ‘coming into existence’ implies ‘going out of existence’, just as ‘black’ implies the existence of ‘white’, or as ‘rich’ implies ‘poor’. Is it possible to have something without nothing? Obviously not, because the two go together, as a dichotomy.
    Similarly, despite what most believe, the outer-world is as much the Self as the inner-world. Where is the boundary of the human body? When we look at a person, we cannot see that person UNLESS we also see the background image. The two are inseparable, just as a flower and a bee cannot exist without the other.

    You who are reading these words are that Totality of Existence, the Highest Universal Principle, the Essential Irreducible Self. In common parlance, you are God (IF you only knew it!).
    Most of the greatest sages in history have spoken about either or both these concepts, such as the concept of “Nirvana” in Buddhism, or in Avatar Meher Baba’s book “The Everything and the Nothing”.

    The planet on which we are residing consists of animate/organic life, as well as inanimate/inorganic matter.
    The six stages of ORGANIC life are:
    1. conception/birth
    2. growth/development
    3. maintenance
    4. reproduction
    5. aging/deterioration
    6. death

    There are other aspects of the universe (e.g. holographic universe principle, quantum superposition, wave function, the wave-particle duality, and quantum entanglement), as well as the possibility of life on other planets, the crop circle phenomenon, and the presence of the Fibonacci sequence in nature, which are beyond the scope of this document, and which do not directly relate to the most important thing in life (to find the unending peace/happiness which we humans are ULTIMATELY seeking).

    “Find out who you REALLY are so that when death comes…there is no-one to kill, for while you are identified with your role, with your name, with your ego, there is someone to kill. But when you are identified with the whole universe, death finds you already annihilated and there’s no-one to kill”.
    Professor Alan W. Watts,
    British-American Philosopher.

    ”Who is the perceiver?
    Universal Consciousness alone is the perceiver.
    The body is merely the mechanism, through which perceiving takes place and from which the ego is inferred, as the perceiver of other objects.
    Strictly speaking, there is neither the perceiver nor the perceived.
    There is only perceiving, as the objective expression of the subjective functioning, of the one Universal Consciousness.”
    “You have considered yourself to be a separate “self”, only because of having regarded a “solid” object with a name, that is a body, as yourself. But in fact, the body itself is nothing, but an insignificant, vastly intricate complex of electrical wave-patterns, a series of rhythmic functions, a throbbing field of energy and emptiness. What you actually are, then, is what everybody else is: sentience itself. Therefore, instead of being a puny self by way of an object, you are indeed everything.”
    “The notion of individual volition has been referred to, as “the bite of the deadly serpent of ego”, because it is the very root of the concept of bondage or unhappiness and the only thing which can free man from its poison, is the abandonment of his identification as a ‘me’.”
    Ramesh Balsekar,
    Indian Spiritual Teacher.

    1. Magda 13

      De-aging exists …

  6. Hanna RAOUL

    Thank you. I understand so well. Thank you to talk about the source, the no matter and the baby’s first joy expressing the source.

  7. Ingrid Johana

    Cómo puede YoSoY expresar que es el Camino, la Verdad y la Luz -lo cual es una aseveración- para luego tentarnos con la idea de que quiere divertirse a sí mismo en Uno mismo..?

  8. fadi 6917

    Deep meditation with Deepak is being with the sorce. I AM.

  9. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Excellent… thanks 🙏

  10. Eric De SouSa - Repandre Le Guit'Art

    Thanks Deepak to help us seeking the truth beyond senses, How to disconect reality from sensory perceptions ? thanks for this existanttal sharing

  11. Kevin Thomas

    I am is a deeper knowing of creativity during the performing of love in energetic focus.

  12. Upma Sharma

    Pls adjust sound while recording.pls increase d volume

  13. Revolver Heart

    Your best video so far, thank you sir. And if i may ask something- What happens to the deep love connections that we share with our loved ones once we die? That is the one thing i have a hard time accepting, everything else is easier.

  14. Hanna RAOUL

    Dear Deepak, I just bought Meta Human on amazon, happy to may tell you. It will be delivered on 20/03. A great pleasure to me with great thanks to you. Best regards

  15. Gina Badeaux

    you are the most handsome 73 year old i love to watch your videos hope to meet you one day

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