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Join Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marx Hubbard, filmmaker Brett Leonard, scientists, intellectuals and futurists, as Sean Stone explores the meaning of being ‘human’ and how that meaning will change in the 21st Century.

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  1. Tao Now

    Our thoughts are coming from “outside” the mind through and based on continued experience. We are just reactors to stimulus. That’s it. There is no reason to duplicate this . It’s already just imagined or dreamed based on artificiality induced programming or what we call upbringing. The awareness of this is reality , formless and un dimensionless. But the thoughts are just producing matter our physical dimensions because we think it.

    1. Miss Merry Berry

      g r / do you realize what you just said ?

    2. Tao Now

      Hi Barbara , yes . Thoughts and words are just leaned behavior. They provide us a way to exist in this world as a species that has continually separate itself from nature/God/ the absolute…..any thought is a separation . Awareness of this provides a distance from the abstract ness of culture a personal identity and fear. Awareness of the true self as awareness. Or self awareness. There is running , jumping ,laughing and thinking/ there verbs , there is no thinker or runner ,that’s the illusion of Maya. When we get tired of running we stop, seams like we never get tired of thinking!! Tat Tvam Asi the separation is in our minds through thinking

    3. Tao Now

      Its a paradox because once we realize this we can become the operant power in this physical universe. We produce our physical reality. But most don’t realize this. I suggest that if we begin to use our human consciousness thoughtfully and purposefully we begin to change or world. On the other hand I suggest that this in itself is a illusion, which produces physical form and ideas , we are a step before the manifesting power , we are the awareness. Awareness is the ultimate existence I humbly suggest. Consciousness,whether self consciousness or natural consciousness requires a attribute while awareness does not. Our physical reality is our own individual , like being a wave in the ocean ,but we can only perceive it individually in a body or form.

  2. Miss Merry Berry

    This film is reading like an advertisement, to opt out of humanity for “ hybrid conscious existence..~ It is in fact, saying, computers are better than regular humans. So what next ? Should natural humans die out ? Or should we be executed like in “ Bladerunner 49 “ ? Should we give the computers full reign of the planet ? ~ As of this day, US govt has made it legal to remove & kill a human fetus ( feb 26 2019 ) Where are we going with this idea of “ we are only a collection of electric sparks “?

    1. eM Vector

      Hmm..I understand that we humans need to just step it up. We are the Creators here. We are creating the reality. Let’s all step up to our Creatorship and that starts with each of us moving more fully into our Optimal Functioning. We are capable of becoming Super Humans. Let’s do that, and we won’t have the need to keep moving forward with AI. Just saying.

    2. Chen Taiji Traditional Berlin - CZL Taiji System

      @eM Vector super humans? Why not first clean up and heal all the mess “almost-super-humans” are spreading???? We are so far away from being super, except super egos…..

  3. TheTroofSayer

    It seems illogical to me to automatically assume, as they do throughout this video, that computer technology somehow parallels brain technology. What if brain “technology” were completely, utterly and alienly different? Two issues, for example: DNA entanglement and neural plasticity.

    DNA entanglement, with identical DNA in every neuron, would resolve two principle problems: 1) the binding problem, 2) entropy. There is no “binding problem” in computers to address, because processing is very fast, but linear (even with multiple computers arranged in parallel). Binding among neurons in a brain, by contrast, suggests that all processing is parallel, occurring at the same time, and synthesized at the same time into a single unity of purpose… a single thought, as it were. Computers can’t do this. DNA entanglement is not that far-fetched… just consider how DNA replicates.

    And with respect to neural plasticity… sure, computer circuits can be switched, but neurons/glia choosing which other neurons/glia to connect with and communicate with is a whole other ball-game. The adaptrode models implemented within neural nets can perhaps SIMULATE neurons to some level, but the binding (entanglement) will always be absent, at least with current technologies.

  4. Terry Lee Cone

    Deepak, you are all still so far from “Knowing” Simple Example: You are explaining and acknowledging the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, on the hamburger. You are not understanding the hamburger at all. Or Example #2. You are all examining the lyrics of the song, but not hearing the music. Everyone is missing the mark. Maybe most are ready to know yet. Love your work, but you, and no one I’ve heard to date does not see the whole picture yet.

  5. Vajra Man

    Read, yes; listen to lectures, yes. But ultimately just Practice Meditation. More meditation practice, less books and lectures should be the rule for all of us, regardless of the name of the spiritual path you walk. Dr. Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer, (now deceased) have/had been saying the same thing for decades. That maybe important for each new generation that comes of age, but for those of us who started in the late 70’s early 80’s, just practice meditation. The results are in the practice, not the books or the lectures. Ultimately too many books and lectures without enough practice is Escape-ism.

  6. Andressa Saporski

    2019, Brasil – awaken since 9 months, and you?

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