From Human to Metahuman : Who Am I?

From Human to Metahuman : Who Am I?

From Human to Metahuman : Who Am I?

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  1. Fun fact: the one above all lives on 4th floor

  2. 🙏❤

  3. Hello what makes you believe we’re more than bodies and that consciousness lives independent of the body

    1. I enjoyed very much.

  4. Very Good, ”infinite possibilities”, ”Who am I”, intention, intuition, insight, imagination, creativity, higher vision. I am willing to make this shift with the intention for my life!

  5. The Non-Local Yokel! XD

  6. Thank you dear Deepak

  7. Namaste Deepak. “if you understand that your body mind is not the container of awareness but an experience in awareness then you discover your true self” Thank you for your words of wisdom. PEACE&LOVE

  8. Well done, Dr Deepak!!! Really liked it. You gave such a profound message in less than a minute!!! Wow!!!

  9. Wow.. the absolute truth so nicely and simply explained in scientific language!

  10. Tu mataste a mi Gaya katalina y ahora necesito que cures a tigrillo

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