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Deepak Chopra addresses the question: Is there a correlation between natural disasters and human consciousness? Are we somehow responsible for Hurricane Sandy?* Human activity, he says, causes global warming, which can impact weather patterns. Though our actions alone are not responsible for all-natural disasters, we are a part of the collective universal consciousness. If we allow for this level of connectedness, then it is possible that the turbulence in human consciousness affects the universe in ways we couldn’t even imagine.

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  1. Lighteningthedark

    absolutely related – of course … as the (kabal etc) uses the power of suggestion- But you have me thinking about your thoughts and beliefs?

  2. Mary Lynch

    Hi Chopra
    I believe God is watching all the greedy people on this planet
    Who I mean the very powerful who are neglecting the poor people
    The homeless
    There powerful people look on the poor as something beneath their shoes

    God is watching them to let them know
    That their money won’t safe them

  3. Jai666666666

    Can consciousness exist beyond the body…, human or otherwise…, and if so, can such entities effect change in the material world…, well…, leaves some pondering…, you know that…, more than one Fakir around these days… I should listen to the video first…, shouldn’t I? Hari Om, Master Chopra, I will behave…

    1. AWENDance


    2. AWENDance


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