In order to change your experience of everyday reality you must change your identity

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Diane Zeisler

    2:48 start..

  2. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´shifting consciousness´´ ´´from human to Meta-Human´´ ´´how to shift everyday reality´´ ´´shift ID´´ ´´waking state of consciousness´´ ´´experience of physical world= eyes open´´ ´´pure mental world = eyes closed´´ ´´ dream state = deep sleep, non-local ´´ ´´awareness´´ ´´creativity´´ ´´waking, dreaming and sleeping´´ ´´´pure creativity, consciousness, knowing´´ ´´cosmic consciousness´´ ´´changing ID´´ ´´person = process of awareness´´ ´´morphed´´ ´´shifting state of consciousness´´ ´´transcending into the gap´´ ´´body, mind, physical world´´ ´´world of miracles´´ ´´all separation is lost´´ ´´going on being a person´´ ´´cosmic journey into exploration´´

    1. Deepak Chopra

      Thank you !

  3. doug archer

    A…Thank you! … from Canada Deepak. You have become a friend on my journey 😊

  4. train Music

    I certainly do miss your daily discourse, you have inspired me to get back to doing daily pranayama, forgot about that and it was very helpful when I was doing it.

  5. Tushar Vastav

    hi sir thank you so much for sharing your experience and valuable time. Is it posible to hijack our biological process as we start thinking higher conscious level…… nth dimension?

  6. Keithy Brinson

    The ice, water and vapour analogy is excellent 👍🏾

  7. karen gallegos

    Thank you, good to see you.

  8. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir‌, Thank you for your answers which i asked with in me..

  9. Noushad PA

    Deepak, great experience… This is ur best explanation regarding real reality….
    Thank you very much…

  10. Stuart Glendinning

    Brilliant Deepak, thank you. This was a fantastic explication of consciousness

  11. Deva Hameed

    I believe if we are experiencing the physical world through anyone of your senses, even with our eyes closed, we are still connected with the physical world. When we focus our consciousness inwards, even with our eyes open, we can disconnect with physical world and enter the mental reality.

  12. M One

    It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around (hah) – that simply with eyes closed i’m “not experiencing the physical world.” Why is not my hearing / sense from touch, taste, etc just as much experience / perception of physical world as eye sight? And vice versa – why is not eye sight just as much mind perception interpreted – as hearing / taste / touch, etc ? Thank you !

  13. Beatriz Monteiro

    Dear Dr. Deepak Chopra. I loved these teachings and reflections. Thank you. So deep. Namasté.

  14. Susan

    I’m Susan Sylvia from England can some kind person let me know how to listen to Deepaks Well videos on utube as live time. Thanks for your help. Om Shanti and love

    1. Gena Byrd

      I think they are live on Facebook and then the replays posted on YouTube.

  15. Juliana Grützmann

    Thank you for your teachings, Deepak!
    Is there a particular type of meditation you practice or recommend for people who want to achieve higher states of awareness?
    I’ve been taught Vipassana meditation and I’ve been practicing for a few years now, but not very consistently, I’m afraid.

    Thank you again! Your work is very insightful.

  16. Elizabeth Agnese

    Thank you, Dr. Chopra. Elizabeth Agnese, M.A. (Santa Monica, California)

  17. Nerilen Smith

    Do u remember writing a book for me brother…the sun on the probably forget !!
    Much appreciated anyways !!

  18. Kanan Sinha

    I wish I could have a more detailed discussion till I feel firmly that it is just a process(waking, dreaming or susupti) or modification of Brahman. Thank you sir.

  19. Heidi Irwin

    I so loved this Deepak thank you 🙏🏼

  20. thelastmedici

    Thank you!!!Sending you blessings ♥ ♥ ♥ from Europe

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