Meet Deepak’s grandaughter

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From Human to #Metahuman
Tara releases her first music 🎶 single.

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  1. 4am Curiosity

    You have an amazing voice! Listening right now. Kinda sound like billie eilish. Do u use auto tune by chance? Curious

  2. Tony Taliaferro

    Smooth and beautiful voice with a lot of potential!

  3. Teacup Chinese


  4. 100 por cento amor mais Responsabilidade

    Shes beautiful! Wishes of success, love and happiness.


    ******* Very nice, Tara. Deepak, could you please work on your sound of all your videos on this channel. Can not hear you or guest and my sound is up all the way. Tara’s sound was loud and clear.

  6. Tracy

    Very nice. You have a beautiful voice. I wish you all the success you want.

  7. Jojo Majio


  8. Dr Vijay Pahuja

    Dear Dr.Chopra I am my wife we both are MD in ayurveda and teaching in Ayurveda college.l see your video are A Great Saint in real means

  9. Lynda Davidson

    Beautiful 😁

  10. HandsomeSexGod


  11. Laura Botero


  12. Lynne Pierce

    Just listened to Tara’s single. What a beautiful voice😊. Deepak your granddaughter is a pretty young lady. I wish her all the best. Thanks for sharing😊😊

  13. Rose Christian

    Beautiful voice Tara. I wish you all the success for the future, with your career👌🏽👏🏽❤️🌹You must be very proud Deepak😊

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