Multidimensional Beings shape-shifting in the theater of space time and causality

You are currently viewing Multidimensional Beings shape-shifting in the theater of space time and causality

From Human to #Metahuman : Multidimensional Beings shape-shifting in the theater of space-time and causality

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  1. Joe Smith

    You may recycle earthbound if you so enjoyed your time here but don’t forget to experience the rest of the plexes

    1. Your Son

      Yeah man but earth is dying at a quick rate. So I wouldn’t recommend hanging out here.

    2. Black Crow

      Earth sucks. Just a bunch of perverts

  2. Joe Smith

    We have recently discovered that we have less DMT %-wise than any other animal. I need a prescription for it too my friend Karen got it to help her have more dream state sleep stage 5 REM.

    1. Kalinda Byars

      Whats DMT?

    2. kid meech

      Kalinda Byars grinded up dust from a log In Hawaii that makes you trip balls

  3. About Creativity

    Very good, this is a start. ”Our body = the universe”. ”Infinite worlds”.

  4. Manoranjan Nayak

    As per astrology the life of a person is fixed …. can’t we change the future ( success/ failure , rich/ poor etc.) ? Pls suggest….

  5. Mac Geez TV

    Maybe you should be locked up for 3 months and heavily mentally evaluated… how many brain cells do you have to lose to come to the conclusion that Lizard people is a thing? This thing called life.. yeah it’s not a science fiction movie last time I checked. Let’s be fucking logical

  6. L’ élu

    No such thing as ”galaxies”

    1. Ferny Figueroa

      then why can we see the milky way with a simple dslr camera?

    2. L’ élu

      Sure We can

  7. L’ élu

    Yo gotta get out more than this modern mumbo jumbo lunacy


    The mind is a shape- shifter. Its an illusion.

  9. Daniel Edwardsen

    the world is projected deal with it 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  10. G Nerd

    They use technology and lies to hide their real faces

    1. Marian M

      @Maddie Johnson take pills

    2. D Lucifer

      G Nerd Yes we do honey! 😉

    3. elbones1982

      No need

  11. Japi Verde

    Please talk about the reptilian shape-shifting beings who decieve us into thinking they are human and they run goverments, if you don’t mention that, it’s Just senseless talking about this, people Need to wake up to this, apart from that, it’s all talking and talking and acheiving nothing if you don’t mention what is really important about this…

    1. TimmithTheTurtle

      Please talk about the child you have trapped in your basement

  12. Andy

    Show us real proof then and only then we`ll all see you are not into making as much money as you can out of this as you can.


    I wanna see it not hear it

  14. Billy Hill

    Space. Lol

    1. I Am From the Future

      Right lmfao not a good metaphor when you know it’s all Bs



  16. Kenta Murayama

    My father tried to kill me because he thought I was a lizardmen

    1. ajka vernerova

      Omg!!But actually we are half gods DNA and half repto DNA, so he had half true

    2. Marian M

      nice father lmao

  17. RU Serius


  18. Isaac Arellano

    After my cancer near death. This all.became clear

  19. george corson

    There is no outer space

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