One Secret to Ultimate Freedom, Infinite Creativity and Pure Joy

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One Secret to Ultimate Freedom, Infinite Creativity, and Pure Joy

From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Green world

    Hi Depak. Merry Christmas🎄⭐

  2. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´infinite creativity´´ ´´shift id to the sky´´ ´´who am I´´ ´´infinite experiences´´ ´´peace = we can do it today we can do it every day´´ ´´ultimate freedom + infinite creativity + pure joy´´ = ´´ready!´´ + body recycle of sensations + pleasure is not personal + consciousness + sensations + ´´I feeling´´ + ´´I am´´ + ´´qualia universal´´ + ´´body is the recycle me, rocks, junkyard´´ + ´´ownership comes with a price´´ + ´´color is not owned by anyone´´ + ´´nobody owns´´ + ´´what is a person?´´ + ´´the body is collection of qualia experiences´´ + ´´borrow breath´´ + ´´abandon the idea of ownership´´ ´´pretend that you own entire universe and then owner of nothing´´ + ´´infinite being´´ + ´´never the same person´´ + ´´ do not take ownership´´ + ´´pain is the little island of the ocean´´ ´´be the sky´´ ´´shift id to sky´´ ´´ drown in the ocean of awareness´´ ´´Merry Christmas.´´

    1. Deepak Chopra

      These are good hashtags! Thank you !

  3. Sivaraj M

    U are my eyeopener

  4. train Music

    Happen to feeling pain in my left eye and thank you for posting this as you talk it subsides…

  5. Om Bansal

    Deepak, I look forward every day your wall videos, they are inspiring.

  6. Fatma Sellami فاطمة السلامي

    Much LOVE <3 Thank you so very much <3 Merry Christmas <3

  7. defxxx

    Merry Christmas Deepak. Thank you for all you do. Sending love to you and your family💓

    1. defxxx

      Just want to say thank you as you have explained alot of the way i think. Thank you as i thought i was crazy but now iv realised im just seeing the truth. True rrality

  8. Mark Rudis

    Deepak you are truly the greatest living teacher. I experienced awakening one evening several years ago listening to another YouTube talk with you hosting a panel discussion on consciousness. I continue to listen daily to keep my own ego in check and to know that in the end all will be well. Thank you Deepak 🙏❤

  9. synergy learning

    Thanku a lot for this valuable lesson, you’re the greatest teacher of life, I feel lucky for myself to be living here where your teachings are easily available, human kind will remain ever grateful for your contribution in making this world beautiful, RESPECT n good wishes.

  10. G

    I’m so thankful for this channel! I have had thoughts like this for such a long time but lost touch with this way of thinking and being since not having anyone close to me who truly can appreciate it all. I’m so eagerly looking forward to watching, reading, learning, and experiencing more!

  11. Guillermo Bruno

    Dear Dr. Deepak: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Blessings. Namaste, Guillermo

  12. Priyanka More

    i want to know that when we r in suffering we pass the bad time in the hope of good time. we changed .preyed a lot. Face all the problems. In the hope that when time came all bad things comes to end.we r gappy happy again. Do u had something to say in that. How to recover faster.and make suffering end.and live with happy sole.

  13. Suketa Patel

    Most. powerful message guiding us to 2020. Blessings of this awareness! 😇

  14. Matteo Simon

    Thank you, Deepak…such amazing insights to start the new year with the right mindset, or better said, with the right “state of Being”. I also appreciate the special aetheric effect around the 16:44 mark of the video…possibly a result of the “provisional entities loosening their hold”? 🙂 Blessings and love to all.

  15. Just Saying

    Utube has made my attention span so short that I could watch long enough to hear the secret to happiness…sad

    1. donna eve



    Blessings to all ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏

  17. Louise Goodes

    I’m loving your talks these days, Deepak 👍🏼😊💕

  18. theun speakable

    I appreciate the words you broadcast that temporarily associate with sensations that move through this locality.😁

  19. Jayshree Solankee

    Thank you wow got my thought process working , I am the infinite being not the person. Will definitely try to practice this on daily basis and will get there .
    Thank you once again and a wonderful New Year to everyone.

  20. The Chopra Well

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