Our journey through cosmic time is the recycling and evolution of illusions. To what purpose?

You are currently viewing Our journey through cosmic time is the recycling and evolution of illusions. To what purpose?

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  1. vasistha giri

    AUM <3

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  3. Stephen Hickson

    WOW.!! That was fascinating! Thank you.

  4. Good Grief

    Hello 😊

  5. Good Grief

    Beautiful soul, I’m only just learning how to ground fully believe it or not…. I’m hearing your voice now….. Namaste and thank you xxx

  6. Virtual Insanity

    Please talk about the effects of narcissism in society and the meaning of limits.

  7. Michele M Videomaker

    I believe that some things aren’t able to change with just thought. Everything exists whether we are aware or in observance of it.

  8. B H

    Thank you Deepak! Great topic! My question is, what derives the gratification of the observation? The being or the consciousness?

  9. Gerard Sanford

    E = MC2 symbolizes Energy is everything. If we divide both sides by energy we get 1 = MC2E or one thing is everything divided by energy.
    It would seem that the logical answer to the question Why would there be anything is that there isn’t. What would nothing be but a point which is a thing of which there are no parts so you can fit an infinite amount of points in a single point or singularity if you will.
    If we could see our Universe from outside of it, we would see nothing not even a spark of electromagnetism but that’s conjecture because there is no actual place to view it from.
    I can imagine a concept that would allow for the Universe to be visible as itself in it’s entirety. It would appear as a bottomless pit of infinite division. A point in space as space choosing how to divide itself. I think it’s possible that we exist because it is actually impossible to define nothing or to Create nothing and most importantly it is impossible to not Create nothing. My hypothesis to present for the scientific method is that nothing can not not be Created. I love science!!! πŸ€— πŸ”―πŸ‘ˆ What it might look like if nothing were to try to define itself. Like a tower of equilateral hexagons with equilateral tetrahedra separating each level and necessarily reducing each level in size by a factor of phi and rotating each level 30Β° creating the appearance of the Golden Spiral in 3 directions for each of 6 tetrahedra at each level. The Seed of Life expanding infinite inward within 18 spirals. All that I know or think I know has been given to me by others. I would say Sacred Geometry Decoded would be a big resource for me. I think we could say that any information that is true is resourced from Hermes Trismegistus or from the word in the beginning of Creation as the water that the fountain chooses in it’s choice of the word. The word is what we feel on our Hearts and flows from the Fountain of our own creation carried by the Spirit of inspiration or something like that.

  10. Daniel Griffiths

    Very Good, Thank you Deepak ❀️

  11. Mae Deringer

    33:48 “Knowing that you construct your experiences. Knowing that you become your experiences. Knowing that you can choose your experiences. Knowing that you can choose the interpretation of your experiences.” If people can fully understand what Deepak just said it would be the end of all suffering, I think.

  12. Rose

    Thank you Deepak. I am the knower. I create my experiences.

  13. M New

    Wonderful spiritual priest! Great ceremony!

  14. M New

    That is what brings true PEACE my dear!

  15. M New

    Kind words and soft heart

  16. Vanita Lakhwala

    Loved it, Loved it, Loved it! So Much Clarification – And so we can – Create – from This Understanding/This Knowing. This is truly Mastery. Thank You, Deepak!

  17. Laurie Menzies

    This is exactly what I am trying to understand at this point in my journey!

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  19. Maria Gladys Gonzalez Diaz

    Even if this talk was some days ago, I now feel the emanations of the radiant light. No yesterday no tomorrow … just now!!! πŸ™πŸ»

  20. Maria Gladys Gonzalez Diaz

    πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»thanks Deepack!

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