Sleep enhances Spiritual Well Being

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From Human to #Metahuman

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  1. Pisces69

    Greetings friend, thank you for your insights 🙂

  2. Aastha Awasthi

    Thankyou sir for sharing your valuable knowledge 🌻

  3. Zorica Gulan

    Thank you.

  4. Elba Villegas

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Vidsi B

    Then why do yogis need veryless sleep? And why is sleep considered Tamas ?

    1. நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்

      Bcoz that’s their truth & not THE TRUTH. sleep depends upon physical activity too. So for a day, if a yogi, meditates alot, his physical activity will be less. In turn, less physical activity will not give and need more sleep.. so they sleep less. If they did some service physically, they need more sleep..

    2. Vidsi B

      @நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன் This could be true but sleep does not entirely depend upon physical activity. Ive seen many cases while the body even though very tired the mind still wouldnt let the person go to sleep.Id like to know Deepaks take on this. If he ever got to answer this.

    3. நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்

      @Vidsi B If you read my comments clearly, I’ve mentioned physical activity TOO. that TOO means it’s one aspect. Sleep occurs when body mind intellect all three are settled for the day. Thats why they say sitting for sometime n sleeping after few jerks will help you settle all 3.

    4. Vidsi B

      @நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன் got it. Thanks

  6. jarman said


  7. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´quality of sleep´´ ´´sleep that puts each day to rest´´ ´´rim / non-rim´´ ´´deep sleep´´ ´´ short nap = rim sleep´´ ´´self-awareness´´ ´´self of the universe´´ ´´am I aware of the self?´´ ´´ infinite being´´ ´´sleep is the window´´ ´´sleep is a great mystery´´

  8. Salmon Nella

    Please consider short form videos.

    1. cck

      Please consider watching the video in several sittings. Or Dr. Chopra has many, many FREE short videos available on several platforms. Enjoy!

  9. It's Just A Ride

    Sleep is a defense mechanism against over thinking. Alan Watts described sleep as a “forgettery process”. Like a defrag for the body.

    1. நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்

      He spoke only on two levels. Mind & body. Sleep is more than that.

  10. 99eyebrows

    Thank You for your wealth of wisdom and love.

  11. Maria Bentele

    OMG … My heart is so full of loving gratitude, THANK YOU

  12. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, thank you.

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  14. Gerard Sanford

    Dreams within dreams.

  15. Linda Rae Reneau

    Freud’s and others’ dream theories have not been discredited. Dreamwork is still pursued by many, many people. It’s just that psychiatrists have become little more than pill pusher within the framework of mechanistic science. Dream yoga notes the types of dreams—ordinary, important, and clear light. Freud’s dream theories may have been very limited, but he did hit on some valid elements, as anyone who records and studies their dreams will know. Dreams, cultivated, can be a very great source of learning, inspiration, and practical information. Dream yoga can be a path of realization in itself. Anyone who has had high, clear dreams, spiritual experiences, and wise guidance in their dreams can vouch for this. And they are not few; they may only talk about their dream lives to select people, however.

  16. NooMax4ever

    Trickster skewing the answer.

  17. Beatriz Monteiro

    Wonderful teachings. Thank you!

  18. Oyamiwa Walker

    Greetings, I understand how important sleep is to our well-being. I have understood this for many years and have made sure I allowed myself to sleep between 7-8 hours of sleep. But recent years I’ve been unable to do this.

    What would you recommend a person unable to get a complete night of sleep because of post-menopausal hot flashes and night sweats?

    I know on a deep level as well as experience, if I slept all night without interruptions, this would make a huge difference in my energy level and mood.

  19. cck

    7:28 Premature babies v. full term babies sleep. That is just amazing!!! What are they dreaming about? So trippy . . .Deepak Chopra you are a good man.

  20. Nalini Kailad

    Can u please suggest what sleep to be used?? 🙏

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