The Immortal Matrix : A Meditation

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From Human to Metahuman – The Immortal Matrix

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  1. Norma Denys

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  3. Ana M

    Thank you Deepak. Love you. ✨💖✨

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    Really enjoy all your meditations ❤️🙏

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  8. Dr.Satish Sharma

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  9. Eliete Medeiros

    Olá. Suas maravilhosas meditações transformaram minha vida. Hoje evito o que nã faz bem
    Amo minha vida e agradeço a todo momento . Peço que insira a opção de legendas em português. Obrigada por sua coragem e sabedoria.

  10. Graziele de Araújo


  11. Gerard Sanford

    It’s like you are my stalker reading my comments and notes. It is very interesting how all the information is presented with what we Imagine. Relations are automatically formed to go along with whatever we imagine and whatever we “think” which I “think” is just automatic replays of things previously imagined that relate to what we sense in the present. It seems that our emotions determine the frequencies of information that we receive as the waves from our Hearts determine the structure of our receptors and the breath moves this frequency up the 33 steps of Jacobs ladder to the land of Pineal and the place of Creation. Or it could be said from the Halls of Amentes to the 33rd thrown? , or the, and this is my favorite, from the subterranean chamber as a seed to be planted in the Garden of Orion where it is said many things originate from the reassembly of what was torn apart as the electrons are separated from their mother outside of the matrix of the electron transfer chain.
    I like to look at how different things go together in ancient writings, history, architecture, the cosmos, biology, human interactions, physics, geometry and all the rest. I thought a few years ago that God made the Universe out of some stuff he found outside of himself and there was a good chance it got out of control or something. I’m still not sure it didn’t get out of control though and maybe that could be part of the plan. 🤔 It’s certainly is amazing how much God can figure out though and it’s a good chance it’s way more than I can even imagine.

  12. NeoMatrixology

    “Be formless, shapeless, like water.” – Bruce Lee

    1. Reverend Eslam


      Everything, both visible and invisible, is what most persons call “God”.
      REAL God is Impersonal Absolute Nothingness (otherwise called “Tao”, “The Great Spirit”, “Brahman”, “Pure Consciousness”, “Eternal Awareness”, “Independent Existence”, ”The Ground of Being”, et cetera).

      “God” is One Reality, but just as a knife cannot cut itself, or fire cannot burn itself, “God” cannot know Himself (or at least EXPERIENCE Himself), and so, has manifested this phenomenal universe within Himself. Therefore, this world of duality is really just a play of consciousness within Consciousness.

      Apparently, this phenomenal universe was “created” (within Consciousness) with the initial act (the so-called “Big Bang”), and from that first deed, every action that has ever occurred has been a direct or indirect result of it. Just as every particle of matter in the universe was once contained in the ’singularity’, Infinite Consciousness was NECESSARILY present at the Big Bang, and is in no way an epiphenomenon of a neural network.

      “Sarvam khalvidam brahma” (‘all this is indeed Brahman’). There is NAUGHT but Eternal Being, Consciousness, Peace!

      Therefore, humans are a result of that initial manifestation. That is the real explanation for “karma” – everything was preordained from the initial spark (or to be more precise, preordained in ETERNITY).
      Whatever state in which we currently find ourselves, is the result of two factors – our genetic make-up at conception and our present-life conditioning. Every choice ever made by every human (and non-human animal) was determined by those two factors alone, thus free-will is purely illusory, despite what most believe.

      Because we are temporarily residing within this dualistic universe, we experience both pleasure and pain.
      Suffering and pain are NOT synonymous.
      Suffering is due to a false sense of personal doership – the belief that one is a separate, independent author of one’s thoughts and deeds.
      There are five manifestations of suffering:
      1. Guilt
      2. Blame
      3. Pride
      4. Worry/Anxiety
      5. Regrets about the past and expectations for the future/Attachment to outcomes

      These types of suffering are the result of not properly understanding what was explained above – that life is a series of happenings and NOT caused by the individual living beings. No living creature, including us humans, has individual free-will. There is only the Universal, Divine Will at play, acting through every body, to which William Shakespeare famously alluded when he scribed “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.”
      The human organism is simply a biological machine, comprised of the five gross material elements and the three subtle material elements.

      So, now that you understand life, and the reason why we are suffering here in this (supposedly) material universe, you are now able to be liberated from all forms of suffering, RIGHT?

      WRONG! It is imperative to find an authentic spiritual master to assist you to come to the above realization, by slowly undoing your past conditioning.

      Even if you follow a competent teacher, you may still not come to a full understanding of life, but if you are sincere, humble and dedicated, you will definitely find more peace in your daily life (all of which was DESTINED to occur, of course). Furthermore, if it was ordained, you may be fortunate enough to accept discipline from a truly enlightened master, and subsequently realize the aforementioned fundamental concepts by practicing at least one of the four systems of yoga (religion) described in the Holy Scripture, “A Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity”.

      “The meaning of life is life itself.”
      “Gurus are very clever at putting you down, but they’re just trying to see how strong you are.
      They’re testing you out to see if they can hoodwink you.
      So long as they can, they’re going to go on doing it till they get you to the point where they can’t do it to you anymore.
      Then you’ll graduate.”
      Professor Dr. Alan Wilson Watts,
      English Philosopher,
      (06/01/1915 – 16/11/1973).

      “What you seek is seeking you.”
      Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī,
      Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic,
      (30/09/1207 – 17/12/1273).

    2. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      @Reverend Eslam I imagine your comment may be deleted soon. If not I do have a question, but first Namaste 🕉 – light and love to you. I wish you all the best in life, much success, many “blessings” and I am thinking of you right now as my beliefs call for it – surrounded by pink light and love. Actually I don’t need to ask the question. That’s it. Namaste. Light to you.

    3. Reverend Eslam

      Jen McCollum
      If it is true that there are none so blind as those who don’t WANT to see, and none so deaf as those who don’t WANT to hear, then surely, there are none so ignorant as those who don’t WANT to learn the truth.

  13. Diane Zeisler

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  14. Tania Maria dos Santos

    Thank you! It is a blessing to be able to rely on your teachings.

  15. Diana Queen

    Thank you Deepak- always learning from you!

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  17. Leslie Leveck

    Just hearing your voice makes me feel relaxed.

  18. Elan Sun Star Photography

    love this revelation and its insight. Thank you..
    This really packs a lot into this short period…and the restatement of eternal principles and your previous work is even more rich an expanded n and integral today!
    Namaste’ our area friend…Aham brahmasmi

  19. A Zajac

    I love your scarf. 😉🥰

  20. yolanda olivarri

    This is deep.

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