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From Human to #Metahuman
Waking up isn’t just about mindfulness or meditation. Waking up—to become METAHUMAN— is to expand your consciousness in all that you think, say, and do.

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    I AM 🤩

  2. Lisa Ann

    I AM too!!! Please make more videos😁

  3. William Alan Photo

    I want that jacket! It is beautiful!

  4. Chris Carter


  5. GreenEyedChild

    interesting piano piece in the background, do you get a choice in the matter or does someone direct to you?

  6. GreenEyedChild

    Or,,,,I am not

    1. GreenEyedChild

      unfortunately NASA hates me for publicizing brown dwarf photos 12 parsecs away at its closets now and I can’t read your comments until they reach my email… no we angels need email on Earth that’s why we called it “E”mail. And so like nasa is hacking me and everything is html so no comments show up on YouTube. and won’t re-install even with any disc of any version so far of WIN on any of my 4 pc’s…. its prob not too safe to click on me but I’ll clean ya up if u get infected I been fighting this so long t’ain’t NOBODY can put the perma-hack on the ME and that includes you……this pc working fine I know they hydes burnin’ hover it… hee hee….They don’t know my mama wrote EPIC for the doctors she used to do billing for pc’s are in my wing genes….

  7. GreenEyedChild

    remember not to harshly judge your guides it may be their 1st time…you don’t want things to mess up on account of nervousness….our wings don’t flutter on their own you know.

  8. Jc Flynn


  9. Anonymous

    Yeshua has Lordship over all seen and unseen..any who deny is not enlightened! Period. Revelations come only from God! If you deny you are getting a cheap knock off. With no power!
    Do you want real power of spiritual warfare? Go to Hermès Trismegistus and see what the Almighty has actually been doing this month before The great and terrible day of the Lord and Jesus return! There will be great tribulation! Great suffering! You are being spiritually sedated! God bless you! I hope you awake!
    Dr. J~ Behavioral Neuroscientist And Child of the most high God and high priestess for these End Times of the Kali Yuga!!!

  10. GreenEyedChild

    i wish you’d have picked a pretty pink background Deepak because NOW BEFORE Deepak is BLUE are you sad kind sir … don’t be you are LOVED!!!! a wonderful thing to be now go bask in it and enjoy I beg it of u, please. Handsome man you are loved by many hated by few.. all the while, I’ll always love you 2…whats that???? you’re thinking I’m not a poet and she don’t know it….????Roses are pink Backgrounds are blue As long as your happy , I’ll never be blue!

  11. Keith Greenan

    There is a thereness or iness behind the eyes that is not thought or feeling that is the same in everyone whether you are 10 or 100. It never changes.

  12. Rafael Losada

    “I am that I am…”

    Infinite gratefulness Deepak…



  13. Anirban K

    I am that, you are that, all that is that !

  14. nuredin munir

    Thank you Deepak

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