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  1. Honestmicky

    Hi Deepak, thanks for this video. I tried to find you online for the Global Coherence at noon Pacific time, but could not find you, neither on YouTube nor I did participate in the GC, what a wonderful development. Thank you for helping lead us so well, I appreciate you my wise friend : )

    1. Mae Deringer

      I couldn’t find him either, but we’re here now! yay! πŸ™‚

    2. Honestmicky

      @Mae Deringer Thanks Mae, I’m joining now : )

    3. Deepak Chopra

      All my love !

    4. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

      He had uploaded to Facebook for his live. I don’t use it for much but Deepak’s lives (since finding out via Instagram) are a new reason to join in.

  2. JUNG IT

    You’re a lovely guide into this movement Deepak.

  3. dess

    Heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me.

  4. Carolrenge

    I wish the audio was far better. In general i have difficulty hearing you properly in almost each video you do. Can you somehow try to improve your audio system?

  5. Dora Villaverde

    So beatifull Deepak!
    Thanks x this global meditation β™₯οΈπŸ™

  6. Jai666666666

    I was half joking, walking meditation isn’t for everyone…, had a rough time last night, needless to say, thank you for your service…, Hari om tat sat!!!

  7. Kerstin Wahl


  8. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    Thank you for doing a Live meditation. This was a good one. I had some issues watching live but went back and continued to watch when I could. Infinite possibilities, common vision and it was wonderful to meet with others all over the world. I am working to change my mind through your 21 day challenge (almost finished but may repeat) so that I can be the change I want to see in the world.

  9. Ingrid Johana

    That interruption was fatal…πŸ˜† I couldn’t find you, after 25 minutes waiting for the reconnection, I was different 😢

  10. Shiva Negi

    -The greatest achievement is when you come to know one’s own true nature.

    -The secret to happiness is knowing oneself.

    -Success is nothing but accomplishment of an aim or goal and it is not happiness at all.

    -To know the ultimate truth of your true nature, it is solely enough to walk on the path of truth;Β If you do not follow the path of truth, there will be no benefit from spirituality, meditation or satsang , Motivation or Inspiration.

    -Follow the path of truth and soon the time will come when you will come to know the ultimate truth of life and God-realization itself.

    -God is a Spirit, dwells in the Soul, experience by the Heart is “Enlightenment.”

    -Knowing ultimate truth is everlasting happiness.

  11. Andrea Gold


  12. Hanna RAOUL

    Thank you, it is morning here and a beautiful way to start new day

  13. Tusnelda Bloch

    Thank you πŸ’™πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’™

  14. Temple of Lapis Lazuli

    I was on your facebook live page but it didn’ t work … no good internet connection or too many people. But I meditated on my own and connected with your field and it was pure divine high vibrating energy that floated through my channels … letβ€˜ s do this in a regular basis on our own but connecting in mind with the heart chakras of each others and building a great channel for divine energy and light for planet earth and her beings. Thank you Deepak Chopra for guiding us! Love and Light to my brothers and sisters of light. SAT NAM

  15. PenDragon 444

    I wish I’d known about this a little beforehand πŸ˜•

    1. Wearethedivineone Earth

      Me too

  16. Da mas vida a tu vida

    ThaΓ±k you!

  17. bruce fischetti


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