The Superstition of Matter

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What is life? Who am I? Deepak answers and explains this in the next 20 minutes.

Relax and let the information flow through you without feeling the need to judge immediately. Be open, contemplate. Then, if you feel the need, compare this to what you already know.

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  1. kathleen

    so good

  2. Ian Austin

    Love and greetings Deepak from Switzerland. I appreciate the knowledge you share and I am most grateful for everything you offer. May I ask what music is played in the background of this video? It is so soothing….

  3. unity2012

    Extraordinary. Thank you for sharing Deepak. A reminder of our ability to transform our lives, from source, at any moment; and collectively, our world.

  4. Marc Anthony Marquez


  5. Geeta Sidharth

    Thanks Deepak for this amazing qualia that comprehensively summarised everything you have talked about till now on different platforms. It’s a gem of knowledge.

    1. நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்

      Keep operating only on intellect & awareness levels dumbos.

  6. zee *


  7. Miss Merry Berry

    Deepak ~ I UNDERSTAND what you are saying .. and I receive the underlying messages as well. I feel great relief & I feel a great open space & a soothing inside me ..💖🙏🏼🙋🏻‍♀️🌸💋

  8. Matt Matt

    So sad that 90 percent of the humans are so misguided by their programming that they can not follow your actually easy to understand wisdom

    1. MEZBAHN

      So right you are…, I may revise your 90% fig to 99%. And out of the 1% of the world population who may understand what the genius, Dr. Chopra, is talking about, 0.99% are those who continue drive the conditioned programming of the 99% of population in the materialistic world because it’s just like any product life-cycle business whose maturity level is infinite.

  9. Vc Devœtee

    Evolution is

    1. Vc Devœtee

      Nothing matters but to 💚 our reality

  10. Christine ACB

    “Unfortunately might have to say the human species was an interesting experiment that did not work!

    But, if you think there is hope for Humanity, that we can actually dream a world into reality, that that collective dream could be literally a heavenly experience of a more peaceful just sustainable healthier and joyful world, then step back look at what you’re dreaming, deconstruct the present dream, and dream a new reality.”…

    Thank you for this “qualia” 🙂

  11. D J Brown

    Thank You 🙂

  12. Hrishikesh Dixit

    Super loved this😍❤️❤️

  13. Saraswati Coaching

    Please in Hindi Sir

  14. Alan Bresson

    Love the production ! What a gorgeous video. Thank you 🙏🏻

  15. Hsitas Amrahs

    Beautiful, simple, brief, understandable to layman, concept of consciousness/ Shiva/God as per available knowledge from Vedant and science ..added by his own experiences from his quest for truth of everything ..Dr Satish Sharma, Santacruz w.. Mumbai, India.

    1. Hsitas Amrahs


  16. Marcelle Anna Dymphna Curtius

    Thank you Deepak, so much very much, for helping me to remember that “I am the “awareness” in which “I’ appear to be occurring”…

  17. Daniel Johnson

    What is real?

    1. DesertPortal

      Everything is real. It’s just not what we are conditioned to think it is. And it isn’t matter. 🙂

    2. Daniel Johnson

      Art Studio maybe. Maybe not

  18. DesertPortal

    So well said. Thank you. Would love to have a transcript of this. <3

  19. ritu arora

    Grateful to u 🙏

  20. Dora Villaverde

    Excelent! And special mention to media effects on video. 🌌

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