Leo March 2020 Astrology It’s SHOW TIME Be Ready For The NEW LIFE!

You are currently viewing Leo March 2020 Astrology It’s SHOW TIME Be Ready For The NEW LIFE!

Leo, your March 2020 Astrology provides astrological insight into your personal development, love, career, business, health, spiritual growth, and prosperity and so much more. Enjoy!

Your Kindred Spirits report provides an in-depth insight into how you are relationships. It provides an astrological consideration of your relationship patterns and offers insights into how to meet your needs in intimate unions, from your first budding relationships with your family, through to associations with friends, and peers, and ultimately your significant adult bonds.

Some people celebrate the New Year on January 1. Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to celebrate your personal new year, look to your Solar Return. Every year when the Sun returns to your exact degree at birth, you are in a new Solar Return. What Solar Return opportunities await you?

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  1. lioness Queen

    I m surprise to hear that everything will going good in march Amen we ♌ paitance a lot so deserving love in return thank you Kelley

  2. lioness Queen

    Kelley u looking full of energy in yellow it’s suits on u ♥️🔥☀️

  3. RJ Reyes

    Thank you Kelley for your dedication and love for Astrology. Your energy is addicting. You’re right, we can’t get this info from anywhere else, love specific days, the “Power Days!!!!!!!” ♌️ ❤️

  4. Ryley D

    Fingers crossed. I’ve been looking for a new job after six years.

    1. Saurav P

      Hello my fellow LEO.
      I am exactly in the same situation.
      We will get there.

    2. karl Jones

      I was called on 21st of Feb for an interview i was really suprised since i have been laid off nearly 8 month. I hope to get this job good luck for all leo here from 14 august leo..

    3. Laura Scherer

      karl Jones you will get it. 💫

    4. Safiya M

      Me too 😳 6 years and a month

    5. Safiya M

      Are you leo sun or ascendant

  5. Zero Connie

    I love your energy! It makes me happier just watching you. LOL!

  6. Rekha Parthasarathy

    ❤️💐💖 Is it just me or are you looking extra gorgeous this month?! Definitely you!! 😊

  7. Una Scintilla

    This is so true! For the last 15 years has been all about my inner self, a long deep journey inside myself! Enough 😅

    1. resurgam75

      I so agree.

  8. The Cosmic Soup

    January and February have been very heavy.

    1. Abigail Healingwithwords

      I know! 😢

    2. The Cosmic Soup

      Abigail Healingwithwords ❤️💕🦋

    3. Jz Re

      For me the first two months so far were Not heavy but more like, disappointing for me.

    4. Edilene Ubaldo


  9. FitFoxxyMama

    I’m due to get a promotion soon. I’m next in line 1

  10. Yvonne Stone

    It’s funny because I have been hearing about me getting a new job since last month from different Tarot card readers. And, I really had no intent in going back to work but I was cool with and earlier this week I was offered my dream job. So, yea it’s true I’m excited ⭐️

    1. 79mraw


  11. Kristy Hemlin

    I’m excited for the good things to come after a few tough years

    1. kat kat

      Me three

    2. Miss Molly

      Same 😸

    3. Kaushik Ghosh

      Things are changing, can feel the wind on the sail

    4. Amber Earheart

      I hear that!!

    5. marites espiritu

      me too..after a lot of chaos..

  12. Cristina Paulos

    One of my favorite readings channel… February is rough … so looking forward to March

  13. Mainemhya

    Kelley your giggle makes me so smile and thank you for the reading❤

  14. Shelley McCaig

    OMG… 2.5 years of drudgery will be over? Yes! Can’t wait to stop being & feeling like I’m a robotic vacuum cleaner 👐

  15. Nisha Khanna

    You are a beam of sunlight, in that yellow sporty outfit, youthful, dynamic a shot of vitamin D, a golden a ball of positive energy. Wish you every happiness, just love you.

  16. Miss Molly

    Just curious if any Leos have been having extremely weird dreams most of February?

    1. Daniel Frick

      Yes very strange

    2. Marija Ma Ria

      Yes, me too…

    3. Mano Bharathi

      Actually i am changing totally even my interest in career changed its a complete upside down.. i don’t know what I’m gonna do🙄🙄

    4. it's massi

      Same here

    5. warn81


  17. Jas

    Hope my love life stays as amazing as it is now. ♡

  18. Domagoj Škiljan

    I lovr your little giggle, it is so cute ^^
    Greetings from Croatia!

    1. Kelley Rosano

      You are so kind. Share the love and subscribe!

  19. Paula Cr

    We are watching you from BRAZIL and sending you the best tropical vibe ever!

  20. Abu Siddiq

    Love ur style of explanation .love it💘

    1. Kelley Rosano

      Glad you liked it

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