The Truth about Reality

The Truth about Reality

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  1. Yes

  2. Always.

  3. Respected sir, Thank you.

  4. 😀 Ha ha always cool listening to Deepak ;)))

  5. Thank you. I’m always present to the reality with your words and pls, put me on the list of the candidates for the webinar you mention, it would be a great experience 🙂

  6. Hi Mr. Chopra..I would like to participate into the webinar.

  7. Respected Sir, please advise us on how to cope with our current situation due to coronavirus. I am from hong kong

  8. It is ok to know… that we don’t know.

  9. I would be very interested in the one week course you mentioned. Thank you.

  10. Yes a program would be very good , also thank you 🙏

  11. I would like this Course very much. Thank You.

  12. Dr. Chopra,

    I feel that I received maximum benefit from this video because I had previously listened to your podcast episode “The Center of Everything” with Dr. Gupta. I remember listening to the part when you arrived at the conclusion that when you strip Maya away we are really a field of pure potentiality and it blew my mind. Because of that experience I was able to follow you in this episode, otherwise I might have been slightly confused trying to wrap my brain around your message.

    Thank you for all of your incredible content and making Eastern wisdom traditions more digestible to the Western mind.

  13. Thank you for the video Dr. If consciousness is bubbling as Qualia is the only reality, what would be it purpose? Why is it bubbling?

  14. Excellent….. thanks 🙏

  15. God is playing a virtual reality game

  16. Aren’t thoughts coming from the brain ?

  17. Love you but when humans go extinct, the earth the moon and stars still exist.

  18. “Awareness of existence and the knowing of existence that´s the only truth, the rest is a human story”

  19. Hello

  20. We bring our reality into manifestation through our 5 senses and more, different parts of our concious and unconscious mind, link to cosmic mind and on and on and on, depending on our evolvement in different areas, physical, spiritual, and etherical.

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