There are infinite versions of you.

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From Human to #Metahuman: There are infinite versions of you.

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  1. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´Worldview´´ ´´Infinite world come and go´´ ´´copies of you are generated 1000´s of times per second´´ ´´What we observe is not what there really is´´

  2. Brigid Rohde

    I have been buried
    Under the depth of ego
    Trying and striving
    For it to let go

    Yet my survival instincts
    Say hang on tight
    The ego is identity
    And therefore it’s a fight

    Release of this bondage
    Must happen now
    For my spirit suffers
    As does my creative wow

    Opening my being
    Allowing the flow
    I call out to God
    He sends me the “know”

    It’s all within
    This kingdom of bliss
    Once ego is diminished
    I’m blessed with life’s kiss

    I realize I’m here
    Yet we are all one
    My purpose exposed
    Life becomes fun

    Shedding my ego
    Was like shedding the pain
    I am much wiser
    And I’ve much to gain

    Wisdom brings awareness
    Illuminations occur
    My soul has vision
    My purpose is sure!

    By Brigid Anne Rohde

  3. Saurav Jha

    Everything is zero & infinite🤔🤗

  4. Jen's Gems

    I experience the Mandela Effect and have BE Come aquainted with different versions of my Self and others. It’s surreal. It’s deeply moving. It’s fantastical.💜

  5. Katy Love

    Just want to appreciate the subtitle ☺ and yes, thank you Deepak for sharing w us your life and light. always empowering and liberating ♥

  6. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Excellent….. thanks 🙏

  7. Goutam Dutta

    As you said before referring to Bhagavat Geeta …I curve back withing myself and create my mind, I curve back within myself and create my body, I curve back within myself and create the universe….. Is this on-off phenomenon happening all the time?

  8. C Cammilli

    Dear Mister Chopra, I want to thank you for Everything. Truely sorry I dissappeared for a while. They internated me, because they do not think I am smart or sensitive. In their eyes I am just crazy because I am different. Need to stay here for a while but will not give up. Luckily I can already communicate like this now. Much grateful greetings, I will keep on following your amazingly helpful content. Sincerly, Kim.

  9. HandsomeSexGod

    Love you Deepak. Thank you for your videos

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