Understanding genetics, epigenetics & consciousness can help you reinvent your body

Understanding genetics, epigenetics & consciousness can help you reinvent your body

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  1. Good to hear from you again sir. Just a thought I wish if you put the camera your face level rather than looking down.

  2. I’m sorry I can’t watch this anymore. You have more adds than just about anyone on YouTube. Unsubed!

  3. ✌️🏺….Wow 33 on the likes and the lucky ones to hear this fine classic that i am keeping forever..Thank you Deepak for your wisdom, and sharing it with the Earth

  4. Thank you dear Deepak.. We are blessed to be at earth with you..
    You are the real master.. The knowledge u r explaining is complete

  5. Respected sir, Thank you.

    1. மனித வணக்கம்

  6. Love it! Especially the informal sharing and response to questions. Thank you Deepak for your wisdom. BTW there wasn’t a single ad when I watched it.

  7. To those who complain about adds, why don’t you use adblock plus? A very safe way to block the adds and watch your program without disturbance. Deepak isn’t in charge with youtube adds.

  8. Hello

  9. Dr. Chopra I can’t believe I am going to complain about anything you ever do but I think you are not aware of how you are just paying zero attention to what you are saying and talking really really slowly because you don’t know what you just said and clearly you are very preoccupied with doing something completely different — like writing another book maybe? I have almost given up on some of these because this five or ten minutes of ummms and saying . . . . . a . . . . . word . . . . .and . . . . .then . . . .another word . . . . .but I’m glad I didn’t because some of them end up being really profound. So therefore I am frustrated — I don’t want to skip the talk but I can’t even follow you since you don’t even know what you are saying . . .and this is getting worse every day. So there I said it. I’m sure no one will see it but, anyway. And Thank you for everything Dr. Chopra and namaste to the whole community. ooxoxoxoxox. and PS we are at the TEN MINUTE MARK already.

  10. Oh what a lovely discussion. thank you Deepak for your commitment to sharing conscious insight and creative change on such a practical level. Your radiance is always nourishing….Namaste’

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