We are entangled in an illusion

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From Human to #Metahuman: We are entangled in an illusion.

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  1. JODA

    Thank you.


    Thank you ­čĄę

  3. Susan Agricola

    Thank you ­čÖĆ

  4. About Creativity

    Very good, ┬┤┬┤I am the dreamer┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤(not the dream)┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤We are entangled in an illusion┬┤┬┤ ┬┤┬┤The world we experience is: sensations, feelings, images and thoughts that come and go┬┤┬┤…….

  5. Mihau Zetowski

    Yes of course and who is “you” and why the dreamer is not a dream as well with this logic.

  6. Alethra-Zin

    If I am the dreamer, I want to learn extreme, Lucid Dreaming Techniques.

  7. nuredin munir

    Thank you Deepak

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