What Can Make You Irresistible? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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From Human to #Metahuman

Three ingredients of an irresistible, magnetic, charming person:

1. Presence: You are present in the moment, attentive to what is. Everything about you reflects that. You do not have the luxury to be distracted. This all reflects life-centered, present moment awareness. Experience life, relationships and enviroment as they unfold in your awareness in that moment.

2. Self-esteem: You feel beneath no one. You are fearless, immune to criticism and responsive to feedback. You are centered in yourself beyond your self-image. You know who you are, what you want, what your skills are and how you can use them. You are clear about your values and true to yourself.

3. Divine emotions: You exude loving kindness, joy, compassion and equanimity. This connects you to the eco-system, the web of relationships of which you are an expression.

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  2. November Hotel

    Mr Dipak i saw a video on this chanel, spirituality through orgasm, and a man ejaculate a women in front of some other, do you support this kind of act? sory for my bad english skill. Thank you

  3. Lola Who

    According to this I am truly irresistible ! Get said often, but couldn’t explain it. Thank You! ♥️🎶✨

  4. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´presents´´ = ´´in the moment´´. ´´true self-power, fearless, centered with self, values from within´´. ´´emotions – loving-kindness, joy, warmth, compassion´´.

  5. azaraynn Diamond

    Why are some people loners? Have no attachments to other humans. ? Close friends etc ” Are these difrent spiritual beings..that are destined to walk that type of journey here on Earth ? Can explain in a video…thank you

  6. x y

    I notice some similarities regarding to who is the one having the problem
    I heard mentioning Krishnamurti in Deepak videos but not Mooji

  7. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, thank you.

  8. Mac Bizzo

    History describes Cleopatra in this manner. Thank you <3

  9. Paula Clements

    Thank you Deepak

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