What Is Intuition? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Intuition is a very interesting form of intelligence that goes beyond the rational mind. Deepak explains how when you are experiencing intuition, your pre-frontal cortex lights up, and is a form of intelligence which is relational, contextual, and holistic.* Is intuition a way to “eavesdrop on the mind of the universe”? How do we develop our powers of intuition?

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  1. James Cropper




  2. Alec Misra


  3. Madeline

    Thank You.

  4. Have 2BeHere

    Please Dr. Chopra, create a book on deconditiong the mind, heart, and soul from Christian and other dogmatic religions. I have been programmed with what I see as FALSE dichotomy of good vs evil. Devil vs Jesus and the quality of experience is that of an animal, not a loving participant in divine cosmos. Please consider releasing tools for the conditioned mind to overcome these obstacles and creating VALUE of the soul, and being. Thank you.

  5. Chris Carter


  6. Christopher Goode

    Deepak, I really enjoy these short, concise videos. Some of your longer videos are hard to absorb due to so much challenging content. Much Love.

  7. Kavita Sawakar

    Nice explaination sir

  8. Paulette Roman.Hinesley

    💯💯You are an amazing person💯💯

  9. Lucinda Newcomb

    Did you say, “…doesn’t have a windows orientation?” If so, what does that mean?

    1. Shalini Uthirakumaran

      I believe he meant that intuitive messages don”t have a clear or rational explanation. It may seem irrational or unclear as to the reason why you feel or believe a certain thought or feeling.

  10. Phoenix Star

    Feb 2020. Namaste Deepak. “the best way to exercise or develop your intuition is to learn to still the mind ask a question feel the body” Thank you for sharing your wisdom. PEACE&LOVE

  11. jyothi gopinath

    My intuition said go to interview tmrw YES, 😊😌👋but there how to get clarity in work hours , I sabotage myself come out , experiencing past
    Now Iam praying god please give me a clarity, intuition., shakthi, easiness with myself and co workers

  12. jyothi gopinath

    Acting from memory is karma, acting from clarity of intuition and easing, healing , adding divine god in your work is

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