What Is The Meaning of Death? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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The first thing to understand is that birth and death occur in the universe faster than the speed of light. Everything is going on and off constantly. Atoms go on and off; cells recycle in our human body all the time. Nothing is static. If anything living were static, it would die and disintegrate. Information recycles, atoms recycle – even plastic recycles. Consciousness recycles as well. Death is quantum creativity. You find new meaning, new context, new relationships, new archetypes, new stories – taking a quantum leap with the same information. Information means Karma, memory, and desire. They are part of the matrix of the probability cloud in the non-local domain. If we had no death, we would be doomed, mummified, and static. Death is the way for the universe to remain fresh.

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  1. Happiness Within

    Death is the end of all illusions!

  2. Jai666666666

    Sorry…, seems that there is no death…, only one long eternal comedy…, we don’t get off the hook, that easily…, LLLLOOOOOOOOLLLLLL

  3. Lighteningthedark

    But …we are creative but we don’t have memories?

  4. m p V

    Today is a great day to ‘die’

  5. Dr.Satish Sharma

    Excellent explanation…..but ordinary person out of worldly attachment, ignorance etc. definitely doesn’t like this TRUTH……. Steve Job, when diagnosed with cancer , said he doesn’t want to exchange worldly life even if he’s offered heaven…..bitter TRUTH…
    or way out ;
    First– Hope advancements in science & further more adoptation of spiritualism may extend life span from 120 yrs at present to 200 years or more in near future to enable human beings to live life to their satisfaction (of common persons) ….
    Second– ordinary/ common person gets enlightened…… thanks 🙏.

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