What is the nature of thought? Does it have a role in Self Realization?

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  1. Khurram Shahzad

    Sir i am big fan of you since 6 years from Pakistan

    1. Tania Maria dos Santos

      Thank you for your generosity.

    2. Khurram Shahzad

      @Tania Maria dos Santos You are well come

    3. Deepak Chopra

      Sending you love

  2. Trap Country


  3. Trap Country

    awesomely epic

  4. Shonya Shonya

    Followed by a mystical experience at 21 age I hav completely dedicated myself to be in thoughtless state… it took almost 8 years to reach that peak state where I felt completely compassionate overflowing bliss where everything was full… but I dint know wat to do next with that as in worldly life it was nothing happening to my stability … but now I feel the importance of that state and from tomorrow am going to a 7 day silence retreat to capture that state..

    1. Shonya Shonya

      Yes no doubt wen u reach the thoughtless state definitely oneself is everything.. overflown by full of compassion and every problems finds it a very silly… … one can feel that oneness wat they call… its beyond words…

    2. Bob Smart

      The truth is that you are already in a thoughtless state dreaming you are not! Reflecting on the following helps me in such situations: A mirage is mistaken for water (false knowledge), gold is thought of as an earring (imperfect knowledge), the moon reflected on water appears unsteady (ignorance). Best wishes…

    3. Shonya Shonya

      Yes I know all about this knowledge… as i started spiritual learning from ramana maharshi … I just aimed at only thoughtless state… just being… needs very open minded to accept the fact as it is of life… if one is not open to accept wat is the reality of thoughts.. emotions .. fact of life then the thoughts never go away .. it remains… only oneself can make it possible …

    4. Bob Smart

      Here is what I meant though

      1- a stream of thoughts appear (these are thoughts)
      2- one notes they are having thoughts (this is also thought)
      Normally we identify with #2 and objectify #1. Meaning thought #2 is believed to be the subject (I) and thoughts #1 the object (world). But both #1and #2 are just thoughts! Now thought #3 comes in to say “I am the witness” but that too is a thought. Thought #4 comes in wanting thoughts #1,2,3 out! That too is a thought. By now the first thoughts are gone and #4 is the problem. But this too is thought #5. Essentially, the thoughts keep coming and passing in the vastness of your being that is not a thought. It is not bothered by thoughts nor does it wish them come or mind them go. Wanting to go back to thoughtless state is in thought and attaining it or not so is also in thought. You are beyond it all…for ever free, forever peaceful and forever silent. Much love

    5. Shonya Shonya

      Ye… until u try to be thoughtless the thought remains… that witness which is Not two is the key… I think i feel now it cant be said ONE or two…. that’s wat advaitha points out… anyway hope that reality revealed to all sincere seekers

  5. Glenn Kirste

    I wake up..to CHEMTRAILS…and my day is ruined.

    1. Glenn Kirste

      @TheAwakenedINFJ their highly toxic..and make me seriously ill,I can’t go outside…and in a few hours..I will be so sick..I will have to stay in bed.

    2. Maria Skinner

      @Glenn Kirste you are the Canary …they used the canarys to see if there were a gas leak in the minds, as no one would notice it smell it,, yet the canary would, your the surviving worrior canary,,you feel what we dont feel yet,, ,yes its very real, its happening to us too yet we are not alert to it , now we are, awakening ,, you are the WARNING ALARM the day will come for you to sing your heart out, not b4 you learn to control resistst the symptoms, yet still be a warning to all who will hear ,, 🦸‍♂️👍the Answers ,,,, seek with in ,, 💖 frree the heart💖 feed the Sourse🦸‍♂️ renew the MIND 🤯🦸‍♂️💖 dont see your self as a victim see your are specialy chosen to be a Alarm , as you have it seek with in , you just dont know it believe in you,,

    3. Glenn Kirste

      I’m more like an eagle..I’m going to tear the eyes out of my enemies.

    4. Maria Skinner

      @Glenn Kirste yes I would defiantly agree we fly about the the storms,, im with YOU 🦸‍♂️🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦸‍♂️ yet the awarness of the canary,, 👍

    5. path within

      @Maria Skinner wow🙄

  6. Zorica Gulan

    Greatings from Europe

  7. Veena Srinivasaperumal

    Respected sir, Thank you.

  8. Maria Skinner

    Gday does this make sence ? I know we are call pieces of a puzzle , each piece just as IMPORTANT as the next,,,,each time we learn and grow we get stronger, TOGETHER we make a picture. together we are strong in unity,we are strong ,,, We need to Free our hearts
    💖 renew the mind 🤯and feed the SOURCE wisdom and KNOLEDGE, 💖🦸‍♂️when your flesh has a question,? Its your sourse with in seeking food energy,, the more we feed it with answers we free the sourse to move together as one with flesh , just as from when we were created we movwd as one, till, we noticed our earth had been contaminated, we are truth born into lie, and lie is now truth, now we are truth in lie looking like truth , when we AWAKEN we look like lie,, yet we are truth ?? We are one thru compassion empthy unity together our hearts alighned , earth moves our words are alive ,,

  9. Hiruye Afework


  10. Hanna RAOUL

    Excellent, thank you, thank you. Maybe it doesn’t look like or I don’t know but it seems to me I observe the difference between thought and experience and awareness of the consciousness in the experience. I certainly have little skill in playing with it, it’s ok with me if you would say it’s none, but my intuition tells me it’s coming or correct me if I’m wrong or rather help me, yet the play is the important one for the experience’s qualia. I would say I observe myself from a double position like, the consciousness itself and the experience of the consciousness in now. Yes, it can be a little scary bc if it’s mastered we don’t think, we don’t talk and we don’t move anymore. Imagine if it works in two directions at the same time (and it does sometimes)

    Thank you again for your talk

  11. Daniel Griffiths

    People, houses, the earth and the universe are all concepts of the mind and don’t exist.

  12. Tony Clark

    Please put the ads at the end. They are distracting and takes us out of the moment, thoughts and ideas of which you are speaking. Thank you.

  13. Tony Clark

    Ok two ads in less than 10 minute. Bye bye. I’m out…

  14. Archimedeanspirals Designs and Tutoring

    This is a fascinating new way for me to perceive thought. I thought it had been part of self. But you’re right. Under the explanation of how thoughts are constructed ny past experkences I agreem we can choose thought and change the ming. It makes sense now. Thank you

  15. train Music

    You are a huge blessing as I was getting into a rut of thought avoidance and that created a doldrum where I actually tricked myself with thoughts that supported my delusion of no thought was getting me somewhere but actually was going nowhere. Thank you for posting this video

  16. Daniel Castillo

    The social nature and essence of thought from “origin” began with God who is our unique unchanging absolute and eternal divine parent. Thought from origin is too absolute unchanging eternal and unique from the divine mouth of God the parent of all life. From origin thoughts by design are permeated with divine principles which incur relational responsibility with the core and essence of God. The parenttal essence and divine nature reflects the concideration that man did not create himself we had no choice in the matter at birth to be male gender nor female this quality of gender is always from “origin and design” initiated by our absolute parent God through His/Her unique unchanging absolute and eternal word as it respectfully states that man was created in the image and likeness of the parent God. The essence nature and design of all thought is incorporeal respectfully initiated from the thought and mouth of the living God the God of all the living.

  17. Nalini Kailad

    Hi GM sir

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