You Are a Cosmic Alchemist and Shape Shifter

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From Human to #Metahuman: You Are a Cosmic Alchemist and Shape Shifter

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  1. HandsomeSexGod

    That’s what I like to hear❤💪

  2. About Creativity

    Very good, ´´Infinite being´´ ´´I am a shape shifter´´

  3. Christine Pendleton

    Love this! Thank you❤

  4. danankah jones

    Wow Deepak, u never cease to amaze me, love you for years!! And thank you!!!

  5. Detached And Free

    It means that one can change one’s look from the present age to that of boyhood with the help of cosmic alchemy?

    1. நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்

      You can believe so but you won’t be doing it in real. Lol

    2. Jonathan Yeo

      Yes, just believe and imagine that you ALREADY have what you want, and you’ll have it. Faith is the miracle conduit. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    3. Detached And Free

      @நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன் Please see the linked video of a metahuman transforming himself for some moments

    4. money penni1

      @Detached And Free ; criss, like most of the magicians are simply shapeshifters, not ‘meta-humans’ in fact, not human at all… just like deepak here….not shapeshifting like deepak says though, they wear tech to help them keep their form. They are a polymorphic species….non-humans. A silicon-based lifeform, not carbon-based like we are. chk out offshoot100’s or Matt Navarro’s channels & you’ll see what they look like when their tech glitches.

    5. Ithai Martinez

      You have to research more about testosterone, the androgen male sexual chemical. Taoist and confucianism and especially greek philosophy talk deeply about the tree of life. It is fluid created no one truely knows how it is created, but is Godly; semen.

  6. Katy Love

    Knowing this, can I declare that I can change/heal my body even w/o medication or surgery? 🙂

    1. Magda 13

      @நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன் Why?

    2. Jonathan Yeo

      Yes, just believe and imagine that you ALREADY have what you want, and you’ll have it. Faith is the miracle conduit. Truth is stranger than fiction.

    3. Katy Love

      Yes, yes ♥♥♥ thank u for the support, Jonathan. it strengthens my beliefs. I’m so grateful that I already got what I want. I just need deeper faith for the bigger things that I want 😁 ANYTHING is truly POSSIBLE. Just align with our Higher Self. ❤

    4. Jonathan Yeo

      @Katy Love No problem 🙂 Our true self, or as you said, our higher self, is literally god and one with God. And as Jesus said, all things are possible to him who BELIEVES.

      You might want to check out these levitation clips to boost your faith, that truly anything is possible, even bending the laws of physics like gravity. 😉 (first act)

    5. Pokezom

      No! Go to a doctor!

  7. Ladonna Busty


  8. Mel Isherwood


  9. Johnny Bhullar

    Umm..Interesting he is now saying things that other higher vibrational being have been saying for years.

  10. Cfmdorinna fgvgm


  11. Scraggle

    You speak of mastery of manifestation. To quite literally believe yourself and do for yourself into form.

  12. K L

    I choose to be an eagle… hasn’t happened yet.

  13. Binoc Youlars

    I pray you overstand. God is absolutely real and we best fear Him.

    1. Arcturus Mengsk

      Respect him, sure, but why fear him? Why fear him?

    2. Binoc Youlars

      @Arcturus Mengsk not in the way you assume “fear”…the fear i mean is like how a child fears his/her father. My male parent died when I was 3..but i always noticed how my childhood friends absolutely feared they’re male parents. But in a good way. Afraid to do anything that would upset theyre daddy. They love him so much, they believe he is awesome! They’re protector, provider, they’re hero. Thats the fear im speaking on…but as our God the Father. He is so amazingly awesome and powerful, respect doesn’t begin to describe..FEAR is better explanation. You understand what i mean? We are commanded to fear ONLY God. 🙏 i think the fear you assume i meant is “human fear”. I mean LOVE fear. 😁

  14. cory leblanc

    but you won’t shapeshift in the video you claimed shapeshifting?

  15. Jesse lozoya

    Yeah ur fried

  16. Mary Kelly

    LOL what are a shape shifting reptilian demon….

  17. lightning strikes

    Makes me smile , warmed my stomach .🙃

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