Calm and Clear Healing Spell | Homemade Salve Recipe

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Today I wanted to share with you all the salve I created in my last video, I wasn’t sure then how exactly it would turn out but it has come to be one of my favorite salves as of late and after so many of you requested a tutorial on it I couldn’t keep it just to myself. I hope you enjoy it!

anti-anxiety salve video:

6:51 recipe start

Ingredients Needed:
1 cup of olive oil (or another oil of your choosing)
1 ounce of beeswax
a small scoop of coconut oil
lemon peels
plantain leaves (could also be substituted with yarrow, goldenrod, or calendula)

all music from
Friend Or Foe – Johannes Bornlof
Fragile – Bonn Fields
In Plain Sight – August Wilhelmsson
In Pursuit Of Happiness – Gavin Luke
She Waits – Indigo Days

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