A Few Things I Need to Say

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The salve I made in this video was based around the anti-anxiety one I did in the past ( ) as well as the healing plantain salve that I did a bit ago as well ( ). I wanted to combine both the physical and mental healing aspects of the salves into one all-around fixer and did this simply by combining a bit of each along with some extra beeswax to give it some better hold as bother were a little too loose for my liking.

all music from
What Once Was – Gavin Luke
She Waits – Indigo Days
A Tender Touch – Bonn Fields
Wolfpack – Johannes Bornlof
In Pursuit Of Happiness – Gavin Luke
Keep Asking Me – Francis Wells
In This Moment – Gavin Luke
Fragile – Bonn Fields
Friend Or Foe – Johannes Bornlof
Outro – Teddy Chipouras (check him out on all the socials!)

•My name is Annabel Margaret though most people just call me Annie
•I am currently living in Washington
•I am fully self-employed as an artist and videographer

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