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The Reason for wanting a Yes/No Divination

Divination can be defined as ‘Communication with the Divine’. Humans have always sought answers to their deepest questions or immediate needs through prayer and divination methods.

We do not trust what we feel alone as being the ‘right’ answer, so we look for an outside source to tell us what we need or want to know. 

There is no higher source than the Divine. Probably the oldest questions asked of the Divine would no doubt have been that of a Yes/No Divination. To Stay or Go, to marry or not, do this or that.  

We live in a black and white world without the realization that life doesn’t really work that way.  In between the black and white are dozens if not hundreds of shades of grey.

When did Yes/No Divination Begin?

Since Antiquity, we see Oracles such as Amun of the Siwa Oasis, made famous for having been the Oracle of Alexander the Great, shortly after conquering Egypt in 332 BC from the Persians. 

Even the bible talks of lots being drawn by Joshua to divide the conquered lands of Canaan to the twelve tribes.

The Middle Ages is when divination took center stage with the rise of Gypsy fortune tellers and such.  So much so, that the church forbade it and cannons were made a law prohibiting such practices. 

All this for a simple Yes or No answer to a question?  

Of course not.  

Divination was now being used to direct people’s lives, and predict future conquests and consequences. 

How to Prepare Yourself and your Tools for a Yes/No Divination

Oracles and Gypsies are not necessarily needed for such a simple Yes/No answer. You may want to know something right now.  You can’t wait to book an appointment. Most Divinators will avoid Yes/No Divinations by rewording the question you are asking as to make it so the energy of the future outcome is in the divination, rather than a black and white answer like yes or no.

So what do I need to do?

First and foremost you need to think about what you are asking.  Formulate the perfect question that can only be answered with yes or no. With the realization that if your answer isn’t supposed to be known by you at that time, or at all… it may not work.  Also, no two or three-part questions. Only ask one thing.

If I don’t get an answer did I do it wrong? 

No, not at all. Sometimes Spirit will intervene to make certain that you do not set your mind on a particular outcome because it is not supposed to happen then, or maybe at all.  So with that thought in mind, you may consider doing your Yes/No divination twice. If it comes up the same both times then that is the answer… end of story. But, if it comes up the opposite, then consider waiting or rethinking what it is you are asking for.

There will be those that will do it a couple of dozen times until they get the ratio of what they wanted the answer to be.  This is obsessive thinking and negates the true power of the mind and what divination is… communication with the divine. Resist temptation, only do it twice. With the one exception to this rule, the Pendulum. We’ll get to that in a minute.

Remember, what you are doing is an extension of your energies… It is the Law of Attraction in Action. So no predetermined outcomes, and no obsessive thinking.  These thoughts are counterproductive and likely to bring about the other law: The Law of Opposites.

What to Use and how to do Your Yes/No Divination

Any object that has a definite two answer only state. Like for instance:

  • Flipping a playing card in the air to see how it lands on the floor.  

Face up = Yes, Facedown = No.

  • Tossing a coin and allowing it to hit the ground. Heads = Yes, Tails = No.

Note: Many use a Silver Dollar with the idea that the more the value of the coin the higher the vibration from it.  This, of course, is not necessary, it is all in your intentions.

  • Flipping an I-Ching coin. Ask the coin first to show you ‘Yes’ and do a pre-toss first. 
  • Tossing Dice. It can be any number of dice. Total up the toss. Even number= Yes

Odd number = No

  • Single Playing Card Divination: shuffle deck without looking at cards at all. Cut the deck, take the bottom stack and start flipping them face up.
  • If 10 of spades is the ‘disappointment’ card shows first = No
  • If 9 of hearts the ‘wish come true’ card shows first = Yes
  • Oracle Stones preferably smooth river rocks larger than your thumbnail-  black or dark = no, white or light = yes, and one colored=you. Cast stones… one closest to the “you” stone is your answer. Some do this 3x. I believe that is obsessive and suggest 2x.

Then there is the multi-state answer from the most popular Yes/No Divination Tool every witch has.

  • Pendulum Divination is probably the most widely used method and one that actually works off of the energy of the holder.  This requires you to empower the pendulum first.
  1. Hold the pendulum stone and think about your question, putting your energy into the Pendulum.  Don’t skip this step, it is very important for it know your energy first.
  2. Steady the stone holding its chain and center it over the other palm
  3. Ask the pendulum to show you Yes. It may swing one of two ways.

Either in a circle, or it will swing back and forth.

Note: Many say that in a circle is Yes and back and forth is No. I believe that it can be different from person to person. So ask it to show you Yes, and go with what it says back.

  1. Re-steady the Pendulum and ask your question.  Allow a few moments for the pendulum to answer.  Remember, this is a projection of your energy, so only ask it once.

Note: There are grey states to this method, if it shakes in place, or if it just sits there motionless.  Consider that if it is shaking the answer is “Maybe” which could also be “Maybe Not”, and if it sits still, the answer is not for you to know, or at least, not at this time.

Have fun with this, and as with all things divinatory…. Take it with a grain of salt.

There are dozens of Yes/No Divination Tools out there to use, in fact, you can invent your own.  Granted you may not be able to treat them as meditatively or as sacredly as the ones listed above.  But that’s ok. You should practice getting your mind, your words and your actions straight. 

What about a traffic light? Red = No and Green = Yes, and Yellow = Not Now.  You would have to resist the temptation to drive anything other than the speed limit until you are at the light (safely of course).  This would actually be a good test to see if you are willing to surrender to spirit guidedness. 

Or perhaps the OREO ORACLE. Twist the cookie – if filling on left = No, on right = Yes. 

Goes well with Coffee Scrying in the morning.

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