What is a Green Witch?

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Until the Wizard of Oz in the 1930’s, witches didn’t come in any color. When this movie in technicolor came out, witches were now depicted as being green, like a goblin. But that has nothing to do with Green Witchcraft.

What is a Green Witch?

A Green Witch practices Natural Witchcraft. Nature-Based and Earth Oriented Witchcraft. Which means to work with the Earth and the entire Universe. A Green Witch conjures the energies of natural objects like; gems, herbs, stones and the elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water. They also incorporate mythical-magickal creatures like Fairies, Elves, and Nomes. They draw upon folklore, the Old Ways, folk magick, and ancient cultures as they do their work. Believing that the teachers and the teachers’ teachers hold the truth and knowledge for what they seek.

They are gardeners, herbalists, and naturalist. Commanding a great knowledge of the use of herbs, spices, flower essence, aromatherapy, natural essential oils. 

A Green Witch is usually tuned in to the cycles of nature’ planting and harvesting. They most times practice astrology to better connect with the alignment of the stars and planets.

Green Lifestyle

As people today try to live a more “Green Lifestyle”, a Green Witch has always done that, long before the phrase was coined… If anything, they should be given credit for the name, and for being friendly to the environment in as many ways as possible. Every place in nature is sacred space, and a Green Witch believes in leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible.  To a Green Witch, this isn’t a lifestyle, it is their duty to Mother Earth as the Good Steward to her.

Green Religion

Green Witchcraft is an Earth-Based religion. However, a Green Witch may believe in any religion or to none at all. Green Witchery is neither spiritual or religious, the individual is. There are no set pantheons, there is no set number of Gods and/or Goddesses. Whatever you believe is the right way for you. With that said, they are not vegans or vegetarians, that is a personal choice as well.

Green Witches consult the trees, flowers, herbs, plants and the earth beneath their feet for what is right in medicinal or magickal work to be done.  They are gardeners; growing their own herbal remedies and creating their own oils, tinctures, teas, aromatherapies, and cures.

They also believe that everything has a soul or spirit. Be it a stone, gem, crystal, plant, tree, animal, bird, insect, fish, or the planet itself.

The Green Path

Green Witchcraft is a way of life very similar to the Gallic Druids or the Native Americans, as they ask permission and blessings of everything the use from nature before it is picked and processed.  They also thank the plants and show gratitude by sometimes leaving a keepsake such as a crystal, stone or trinket.

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