How Witchcraft Impacted My Relationships | Q&A

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A beautiful day for another Q&A!

00:00 intro
00:18 do you have any tips for increasing connections to your practice and growing spiritually in general?
01:12 it’s not hard to talk to people about the medicinal uses of hers…but how do you talk to others that may not understand about magick or spells? or do you keep it more private?
02:50 how did witchcraft affect your relationships with (family, friends, etc)? did it change them in some way?
03:53 when you can’t forage or grow your own of certain herbs, what is your favorite source to order them online?
04:53 outside of green witchcraft and kitchen witchery, what do you work with most in your craft? candle spells, sigils, divination, meditation etc? also, which of the 4 classical elements do you feel like you connect with most or utilize most in your work?
05:44 how are the energies in the city? have your perspective on certain things changed since you changed scenery
07:00 do you find it harder to connect with nature in the city? which places are your favorite for calming your mind?
08:11 what’s your favorite part of living in the city? would you go back to the country?
09:43 have you found any new plants that you’ve connected with in your current environment that you didn’t have in Virginia?
10:07 how do you handle stagnation or struggle in your practice? How is Hazel?
11:10 do you have a meditation practice? how does that factor into your craft?
11:50 you have a lot of hobbies it seems (painting, videography, etc), are there any other hobbies you’d like to try or are currently trying?
12:28 does anyone assist you with the videos?
12:56 do you have favorite artists that do a lot of nature, forest witch inspired works? I’ve been on a plant watercolor kick also a tour of your garden
13:40 can you talk about the sewing patterns you’ve used to make your own clothes
14:21 caught your tat the other day, what’s the backstory? Design and EDS response
15:41 if there is one Skyrim alchemy potion you would love to create, what would it be? Is there already something (beyond sweet rolls) that you are looking to add to your recipe arsenal?

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