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Is Black Magic Witchcraft Real?

Black magic witchcraft refers to the use of the supernatural, for magic with the purpose of evil and selfish intent. White magic; the benevolent power is the “right-hand path”, whereas, Black magic is its counterpart. The “left-hand path” being malicious in intent.

In today’s society, monotheistic religions, mostly Christianity, use the term “black magic” and “witchcraft” to ritualistic practices that they do not understand or disapprove of. Like Voodoo, Hoodoo, Santeria, and witchcraft in just about every country, across every continent around the world.

Black Magic Witchcraft is not as mainstream as many think it is.  In fact, many seasoned witches will tell you that it does not exist as a stand-alone practice of the craft at all. The contrast between white and black magic witchcraft not the same as the comparison of good and evil.

Between the two are many shades of grey.  Nothing is “all good” or “all bad”. Like asking the question, “Are you a good witch or a bad witch?”. This is great in the storytelling of fictional characters, but the same questioning can be turned around to the group asking this question with, “Are you a good Christian or a bad Christian?”

How does Black Magic Work?

Just like with prayers, spells, and deeds; it is all about the individual’s intention, not the group, modality or religion. With all this said, black magic witchcraft is more often than not, the realm of casting “negatively intended spells” for personal gain, protection with harm involved, curses, hexes, binding spells, banishings.

Sure there are protection and binding spells that are used in “white magic”, but the difference is; whether or not it is for the highest good of all or one, black magic pays no mind at all to the recipients’ free will. 

Also the concurring of evil spirits or hostile gods or goddesses or demons to carry out the ill-intended spell would be considered black magic witchcraft. Although, conjuring spirits today is more Hollywood than it is a real practice.

What are the dangers of black magic witchcraft?

The practitioners of black magic do not subscribe to the “Wiccan rede” that states: “Ever mind the rule of three; what ye sends out comes back to ye.” So, there really is no fear about karma, or instant karma, or the law of cause and effect for that matter.

If a witch Casts spells to transform or mutilate in vengeance; or uses tools like Ouija boards to conjure specific evil from the spirit realm, they will create uncontrollable portals and open the gates of hell.  These sort of things thought by the general populous, (more precisely Muggles) Again are Harry Potter plots and schemes, and not real. Believe me, if any witch could actually turn their enemy into a toad, there would be a plague of croakers across the planet in Biblical proportions.

The reality of safety or danger of magic, be it white or black is all in the intentions of the witch and not the craft.  Spells, bindings, banishings, curses, and hexes get their power from you, the witch, and from the elements of the Earth. Nothing in this is harmful or dangerous. Also, the conjurer or spell caster does not always get what the intended.  The same is true for white magic. If it something that is not to be intended for you, it will not come to fruition. The same is also true for prayers and wishes.

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