An insight into Luciferian Witchcraft

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What is Luciferianism?

It is a belief system that involves blach magick in the worship of Lucifer, to find deeper understandings of the powers of the universe, and to seek enlightenment in connecting with one’s true self. It is an ideology with goals through ritual practice. There is no higher power above self. This is the enlightenment from Lucifer.

Luciferian Witchcraft is New Age occult branch off of Wicca, but with atheistic and monotheistic worship and belief that Lucifer is the true God. Luciferian Witches do not subscribe to the Bible’s depiction of Lucifer being the same as Satan. They hold fast to the belief that Lucifer, as described in Isaiah 14:12 as the “Day Star” or “Morning Star”, the luminous one. Which is before he fell from grace. 

What Luciferian Witchcraft is not

Christianity states that Lucifer is the same as Satan, the Devil or Serpent. But Luciferians believe that Satan is the name of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer, the greatest of all evils. However, some feel that even though they are one and the same, they worship him as he was before the fall. The good version of him, if you will.  They do not subscribe to the descriptions of evil depicted in the Bible.

What it comes down to is that Luciferians claim that they do not worship Satan, but they are worshiping what Christians call Satan. Luciferians are not Satanists, as Christians would have them be, they distance themselves from the occult that worships nothing other than the evil called Satan from the Bible. Also, they do not believe in any sort of salvation from a deity, that has to be attained while living.

The Influences of Luciferian Witchcraft

Luciferianism is the cult of Lucifer, meaning “Light Bearer”, he to them is the deity of intelligence, wisdom, sacred knowledge and divine inspiration. Lucifer is the masculine aspect of this deity, and Lilith the feminine. 

He or she is synonymous with Venus, the “Morning Star”. the torch-bearer, the giver of knowledge to mankind. Just as Prometheus stole fire from Zeus to share with mankind. Lucifer betrayed god and gifted mankind with sacred knowledge and awareness as Luciferian Witches believe. They also believe that Lucifer has influenced the Masons, Christians, Jews, as well as Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism, Wicca, Enochian magic, and ancient to modern witchcraft. 

Luciferians believe that Hell did not exist until the Middle Ages when the Catholic Church needed to dream up an adversary to put blame on the evil and strike the fear of damnation into its followers. This is when Lucifer became Satan to the Christians. Hell was not the new name of ancient mythical Tartarus, the realm of the dead.

Luciferian Witchcraft Rituals

Luciferian Witchcraft rituals are almost identical to the witches’ sabbaths of the old ways. Held in secret hidden groves, these wild rituals would invoke nature spirits and the horned god. They did not believe in the “Harm to none” law of Wicca. Their rituals would be sometimes for personal gains, and sometimes for the greater good. There are many times hedonism but never a sacrificial lamb, goat, baby or virgin.  Their rituals were simple and revered the old ways.

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