Making a Plantain Salve

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Hello there you all, thank you for bearing with me this week with a little bit of a different video in both format and energy. I promise to be getting back to more regular content soon.

Mentions of lost loved ones:
1:24 – 1:37
15:33 – 18:12

Quick how to for making the salve:

all music from …
A Second Chance – Silver Maple
Hibernation – Hushed
Friend or Foe – Johannes Bornlof
Fragile – Bonn Fields
In This Moment – Gavin Luke
At Long Last – Yi Nantiro
Somewhere in Between – August Wilhelmsson
Sophie Marie – Jonatan Mollberg
Still Life – Hushed
Remember – Emily Rubye
Hope Whispers – Johannes Bornlof

•My name is Annabel Margaret though most people just call me Annie
•I am currently living in Washington
•I am fully self-employed as an artist and videographer

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