What to do With Offerings | How to Work Magick Without Visualization

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01:14 is it normal to feel sort of awkward/fake when performing(or at least trying to perform) spells, even the minor/easy/not-that-complicated ones? and what can I do to get rid of this feeling?
03:51 what does magick feel like to you?
04:31 I cannot visualize, so it’s very hard for me to put intention into my workings. Do you have any tips on how to go about putting intention and crafting things without visualizing them?
06:00 what do you do with offerings, if you leave them for a few days, what do you do with them after?
07:29 Do you meditate? If yes, what are your tips for doing so successfully?
09:10 I’m at a point in my life where a lot of change is coming and some big decisions need to be made – which is both exciting and terrifying. Are there any daily routines, hobbies, or practices that you’ve found help you stay grounded during times of great change?
10:51 Do you see the production of your videos as an extension of your magical craft? Do you focus intention on them the same way that you would for a balm or tincture or foodstuffs that you make?
11:47 How do you feel about marriage or having children? What hopes and wishes do you have?
12:49 Do you use tarot or other divination in your practice? Why/why not? if so, what deck or tools do you use?
13:34 how do you fight the common culture of witches “not being real” and keeping yourself motivated and optimistic about viewing yourself as being a witch and furthering your craft?
15:13 How has defining yourself as a witch publicly impacted your “muggle” life? Has anyone recognized you or searched up your videos?
16:56 I have no idea if this was already asked… do you belong to a coven?
18:03 What is your favorite way to connect with the energies of the earth? What makes you feel most grounded and in-tune with nature?
19:35 Do you ever struggle with anxiety, and if so do you use your craft to help manage it?
20:54 what are some things that you do to help with spiritual burn out (when you have lost that magic feeling)?
22:34 will you ever be doing a series type thing teaching the basics that you have learned about herbalism?
23:23 have you thought of doing a video or video series about the most common herbs and their correspondences for witchcraft
26:25 what is a typical day/week for you? does working for yourself make it easier or harder to keep a regular schedule? Does having no 9 to 5 make it easier to keep the creativity flowing?
28:06 what benefits did magick bring you, spiritually or personally that you didn’t expect at first when you started your path?

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