Moving Across the Country | Getting a Puppy

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Hello there you guys! So it’s been a minute… There have been a lot of big changes in my life, moving, getting a puppy, and honestly just finding more of myself so I thought before going forward I would sit down and just catch you guys up on all that is happening.

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Every Detail – Johannes Bornlof
Unpainted Canvas – David Celeste
Gold Among the Sand – Trevor Kowalski
Strapt – Pandaraps
Remove The Complexities – Peter Sandberg
Night Walk – Gavin Luke
As The Years Go By – Johannes Bornlof
Somewhere In Between – August Wilhelmsson
Late Nights in Harmony – Trevor Kowalski
The Wisdom Of Trees – Yonder Dale
At last, the End – David Celeste
Outro – Teddy Chipouras

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