Biblical Code Breaking -The Numerology Divination of Gematria and Theomatics

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Theomatics – God’s Mathematics

Theomatics, literally means, “God’s Mathematics”, and was discovered by Del Washburn, who published “Theomatics II” in 1994 and then “The Original Code in the Bible” in 1998. This method is actually scientifically testable, therefore, as Bible Code Breakers go, is much more readily accepted as the best method compared to other more esoteric mathematical theories. This form of numerology divination is similar in ways to Gematria but is unique in the fact that it is scientifically provable.

The first thing that has to be looked at when interpreting or performing these types of Numerology Divinations on the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, is that they were originally written in two different, but similar languages – Aramaic, the language during the time of Jesus, and Ancient Hebrew. The New Testament was later translated into Greek, and from that translation into nearly all of the English Bibles. 

How does Theomatics work?

There is a numeric value to each letter of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets, the early Christians and many Jews understood that when the Bible was written, God embedded a mathematical code within the text. So the question arises, does the Bible now translated a few times over still have this secret code within it that God intended?

Over the centuries this has been a debate amongst scholars with no definitive answer or proof. It wasn’t until Washburn revealed that using his discovery of God’s Mathematics, “Theomatics”, that the code remained uncracked and preserved. 

Over the decades since Washburn’s book, mathematical and scientific researchers using computers have found some of the patterns his code has revealed. Of the many startling revelations (so to speak), a few stand out as being both remarkable and astoundingly mystifying. 

Examples of Theomatics encoded in the Bible

The Bible has fifty references to the Messiah’s birth when analyzed using his method, it was found that they are all divisible by the number 111. Even more astonishing, as numerology goes, is that in over eighty references to Satan, the words and phrases used can be divided by 276. 

As with all scientific methods; these numerical values were compared against random values and have shown without any doubt that this phenomenon is truly unique. Making this form of divination quite believable no matter what you believe.

Gematria – The Geometry and Knowledge of Writing

Gematria, on the other hand, is an alphanumeric code, based on the designation of a numerical value to a name, word or phrase based solely on its letters. With this, a single word can generate several different values depending on the encryption used.

How does Gematria work?

Gematria is a method of converting Hebrew text words and phrases into a numerical value, by assigning a value to each letter of the Hebrew Alphabet. The numeric values of the word or phrase are added up. This is used to compare against other words or phrases. If the two are of an equal numeric value, then it is said that there is a hidden deeper relationship between the two.

Gematria, some believe was derived from the Greek word “geometria” meaning “geometry”, while others say it is from the Greek word “gammateia” meaning “knowledge of writing” and has its roots in as an Assyro-Babylonian-Greek alphanumeric code system, it was embraced later on by the Hebrews. 

Example of Gematria

An example of Hebrew gematria divination can be found in the “chai” which means “alive”.  This Hebrew word consists of two letters, that when tallied up equal 18, making it a lucky number to the Jews. Any amount of money given as gifts is a multiple of 18.

There are scholars that believe that gematria is divination by numerology encoded within the Hebrew bible. Hebrew scholar Israel Knohl noted: “it is not out of the question that this technique was already known in the biblical period and was used specifically in religious contexts”, and theorized “the fact that the representation of the numerical values of letters is not demonstrated in mundane use in ancient Israel before the Hellenistic period, may point to the possibility that this method was first a sacred secret knowledge that was kept in closed circles.”

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