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Please excuse the terrible lighting in this video – I for some reason thought it would be a good idea to film during the evening hours… I was wrong… But! that’s okay!
Here in this video, I covered three of the go-to cleansing practices I have been following as of late this month. With everything going on in the world right now it’s important to keep a refreshed space and hopefully, these will help!

Herb Bundle:

– cotton or natural fiber string
– rosemary
– thyme
– rose
(also would recommend adding some sage)
other herbs that work well – not limited to this
– lavender
– cedar
– mugwort
– juniper

Herb Spray:

– water (preferably from a natural source)
– Rosemary essential oil
– sage essential oil
– lavender essential oil
(not limited to just these though I would recommend always using sage essential oil)

Floor wash:

– water
– rose
– sage
– lavender
– I would also recommend using chamomile
– (optional: essential oil of each)
(I change my herbs based on the seasons so the recipe is not limited to just these)

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