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Angel readings are a popular type of reading in the mind, body and spirit genre.  Angel readings help us to connect to the Angelic realm.   Angelic intervention is invoked, helping us to form personal relationships with our angels.  Through Angel Readings, we can receive spiritual assistance from the angels at any time.

How are Angel Readings Helpful?

Angel readings are helpful as they help us know we are never alone.  Through connecting to the angels, we are reminded of their loving and protective nature in our lives.  We can receive their inspirational messages of hope and guidance.

Popular Methods for Angel Readings

Angel Oracle cards – One of the most popular methods for angel readings is using angel oracle cards.  Doreen Virtue’s angel oracle card decks have been a popular choice for angel card readings. The Angelic imagery, colors, and symbolism within angel oracle card decks help to invoke the angelic aethyrs.

Mediumship & Channeling – Angel readings can be performed by a professional medium or by channeling.  A psychic medium can perform an angel reading by connecting through one or more of their psychic senses to the angelic realm.  They can then receive messages directly from the angels. Some psychic mediums may also directly serve as a channel for the angelic entity.  Here, they serve as a conduit for the angelic presence to speak through them. The channeling can be done through voice or through writing. 

Meditation – through meditation, we can pick up impressions from the angels through feelings and visualizations.

DIY Angel Reading

If you can’t go to a professional angel card reader, psychic medium or channeler, you can always perform a DIY Angel Reading. You can do your Angel Reading with or without angel oracle cards.  Regardless of which method you use, some preparation remains the same. 

The angels are pure light beings, so it is important to make yourself (mind, body, and spirit) as pure and sacred as possible.  It is valuable to do the cleaning of your body, mind, and spirit. Good hygienic practices such as submerging yourself in water before your reading is helpful.  It also helps to do a detox or a fast ahead of time before your reading. You want to be as pure as possible within your thoughts, so you do not want to perform a reading if you are stressed, upset or frustrated with anything or anyone.

Just as you want to do a cleansing of yourself holistically, you also want to do everything to cleanse your space.  This means removing clutter from your space and making it clear and open. There are other things you can do to prepare your space and make it more inviting for angelic presence.  Burning sage in your space can help to purify the air. You can also consider burning incense.

Essential oils, with their natural flower essences and properties, can also help to contribute to making your space sacred.  Frankincense, with its rich history of being used in spiritual ceremonies, is an excellent oil of choice. Other great oils to use could be geranium, rose, hyssop, myrtle, lavender, angelica, cedarwood and/or sandalwood.

Playing sound healing music at a low or medium volume also helps to invoke the angels. For example, playing ancient mystical tones such as the Solfeggio frequencies would be beneficial. You can also recite an invocation to your angels before your reading to let them know you are calling upon them for assistance.  At this point, if you are using Angel Oracle cards, you can decipher their messages intuitively. If you are aiming to connect with your angels through meditation, you will want to rely more on your feelings, impressions, and what you may have heard or seen during your session that you feel was an Angelic presence, message or intervention.

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