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If you are interested in theology, angelic numerology, and spiritual energies, you have surely heard about Angelology and Demonology.  Though both are studies on spiritual power, the use of that power pursues opposite ends. As adversaries since time immemorial, angels and demons confront each other in an endless battle: to enforce or transgress God’s will.

Let’s Start With Angelology:

Angels are the messengers of God.  Within the world of angels, there are several “levels” that differ in the scope of their mission.  For example, guardian angels deal with human affairs firsthand. The archangels, on the other hand, are a small group (some traditions claim that there are four, others that there are seven) in charge of leading large groups of angels and training them to fulfill their mission.

Powers, principalities, seraphim, cherubs … There are many types of angels and hierarchies in the sky.  To study them, their appearances, their communication methods, and their powers is the study of angelology, the spiritual discipline that analyzes the behavior of angels.

As for Demonology:

Demonology is a similar branch of knowledge that deals with the study of the behavior, history, and characteristics of demons.  But what is the fascination with the occult, with that which is evil? Representations of evil have emerged in all cultures, societies, and civilizations.  Evil entities, responsible for bringing suffering, confusion, and chaos to the world of men.

That profound terror that the figure of absolute evil gives us is, to some extent and for some people, as important to study and understand as the feeling of tranquility and wellbeing we feel when we’re in resonance with the energy of God.  The devil is the Trickster by excellence, in charge of reigning over the shadow world.

Accustomed to the darkness, he has wrapped himself in a mysterious mantle that catches unbelievers and gullible alike, as long as they are curious.  Lucifer, Loki, Hades, Beelzebub… It has as many names as tools to seduce and deceive. In addition, the devil of the Christian religion has powerful allies: demons.

What they are and who the demons are:

Before monotheism, the pantheons of gods were full of representations of good, and evil, varied and otherwise interesting.  With the triumph of the monotheistic vision of religion, the worship of those ancient gods became sin, and they, the gods, were “demonized.”  Winning a place next to Lucifer, the ancient gods became the new demons.

In the Middle Ages, the Christian Church strengthens and organizes the foundations of what we know today as demonology.  Nested in a manner similar to the Angels, as above it is below, and in hell, there are spiritual energies that rebelled against the will of God.

So, Why Study Angelology and Demonology?

Both Angelology and Demonology, are tools to understand the processes of spiritual growth.  Angels and demons exist among us and within us. We all have the potential to explore the path that attracts us, the path to which we are called.  And within that path, we will find the necessary messages to understand our purpose.

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  1. Tengrisson

    I strongly disagree about the information here. The word “demon” is derived from “daemon (deity, genius)” who were spirit guides of many philosophers and other metaphysical practitioners of ancient Greece. Demon became “enemies of God” during the bloody reign of Catholic Church, who saw other religions (e.g. Pagans) as rival to their God. Pagans were worshiping nature spirits and ancestors. Church, to convert (control, rule) pagans, severely oppressed them. Pagan gods became Satan – the enemy to Catholic God. The worship of other spirits (daemons) became forbidden (while idolisation of Jesus continued). Demons are of extremely wide range of alignment. Some of them work with angels while any others are service to self. There are also lesser spirits of natural world as well. Best way to protect yourselves from harmful ones is accepting and loving your dark aspects fully, so that the dark spirits cannot find any energy field around you to align themselves and affect you. Also working with angels should not be limited with religious dogmas and traditions.

    1. Steve Contreras

      Arch angel Gabriel and Michael they are there with us have fate I’m going through injustice to justice 100% wisdom 13 amen 03/30/79 Golden triangle Life path number 5 yellow crystal magnetic warrior .

    2. Angelee

      Very well said Tengrisson. I don’t care for it much when there is misinformation on the web about certain things. Especially things of this nature, only because so many people out there don’t have the facts and are mislead from what is truth and what is not. So many people have this fear already imbedded in there brain about things of this nature. I feel that misinformation only strengthens that fear, whereas if they only read the truth they would understand that there is little to fear in the sense that they have been lead to believe their entire lives…..If that makes any sense. I hope I said what I meant so that people understand lol. Anyway, haha ya thanks for the correct info

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