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For scholars of the Bible, angels, including Archangel Lucifer, were created on the first day.  Soon after, the conflict in Heaven began, and Satan would go on to occupy a place in the underworld.  However, do you know exactly how it all started? Who is the Dark Prince, and why was he God’s most beloved angel? In this article, we’ll explain everything we know about “the bringer of light.” 

Was Archangel Lucifer the Serpent that Tempted Eve? 

Well, we’ve started with an interesting subject.  Those of us who’ve had some exposure to the world of angelology, angelic numerology and the Christian religion know this story.  A serpent seduces and convinces Eve about the marvelous and nurturing benefits of the fruit from the Forbidden Tree.

That first act of disobedience cost first Eve, and then Adam, their place in Eden…  But Lucifer isn’t mentioned as being the puppeteer of this deception. The presence of Satan, or “The Enemy,” in Eden is pointed out in the book of Genesis.  Although it doesn’t strictly say in Genesis that the snake was the Devil himself, scriptures have made a point of making it abundantly clear that it was, as, throughout the Bible, the Devil is referred to as “the Serpent of Old.”

What Shape Does the Archangel Lucifer Have?

Although “The Seducer” is typically portrayed in Greco-Roman traditions as something resembling the god Pan, in Christian religions, it’s different.  Because he’s part of the spiritual realm, Archangel Lucifer is an intangible being whose beauty cannot be measured by human parameters. His semblance goes beyond what is understood by us.  However, there are numerous civilizations that have given him a body and a head. Take Baphomet, for example; the antithesis of the lamb of God. 

Can I Invoke Archangel Lucifer?

As we’ve made clear in previous works on angelical numerology, to invoke the presence of an angel, you need to have, above all, purity of the spirit.  You must have a high level of self-awareness, determination, patience, and concentration. If we have those things, any spiritual force you wish to summon can manifest themselves in our lives and help us reach our objectives.

However, there are limits to their participation.  Free will means that the angels have no power to influence or limit God’s will.  In the same way, it’s understood that seeing as how Lucifer is subjected to God’s will, the Devil can’t interfere in God’s divine plan, much less in a positive manner. 

Is Lucifer a Demon?

No.  Archangel Lucifer is an Angel.  His name means “Morning Star,” “Bringer of Light,” or “Radiance.” His sin was loving himself more than he loved God.  Putting his happiness over his ordained mission in paradise. Lucifer’s story is, in a way, similar to the myth of Narcissus – in the end, vanity and pride brought them both down.

Lucifer’s existence and his controversial role in the balance of the Universe is an enigma.  The mystery and shadows that surround him only add to the charm that often attracts the more curious and restless minds.  Let this article serve as a reminder that all of God’s creatures play a role in creation, even if that role is to exemplify the consequences of letting ego and vanity get the best of you. 

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