My Undeniable Encounter with Real Angels…

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Real Angels!!? Learn about my undeniable angelic encounter…

And how you too can call forth and experience real, true, angelic light beings.

Ready to experience angels for yourself?

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  1. usmale9112001

    I think I may be an Earth Angel.πŸ•Š

    1. PLUGSBY

      Arch Angels do not appear to you. What you saw was YOU! You are Archangel Anael. Your life has changed for the better because you witnessed your true form. This beautiful Angel appeared to you but didn’t speak. If a powerful entity appears to you, why would it not state its message? The reason why is because YOU are that beautiful powerful Arch Angel Anael and you sent your true self, to yourself, to remind yourself, who you truly are.

    2. Elie A

      Jay Bennett You are right about Anael being me. She always ends her visits by saying “I am you & you are me”. She did state her message when she first came through. She said that it was time for me to get to know who I truly am and where I come from. Also, the work I do at night when I’m asleep. She told me that when I’m sleeping at night I go back to the angelic realm to work with the other angels. I had Archangel Michael, Metatron, Haniel, Aurora & Azrael all come through & verify it. Anael even took me up to the angel realm & showed me the work I/she does. It’s been an interesting journey.

    3. PLUGSBY

      I just wanted to let you know YOU are right lol. For me, if I can support yoir truth I will. But I sense that even though you wrote it you are stilling not 100% be 100% because if that were the case everyone would be seeing similar things. I saw similar things and continue to see other things now. Love you man. 11:11

    4. Elie A

      Jay Bennett You are very perceptive. I’m still processing it, I’ve heard for years people say that Archangels don’t incarnate to then find out I am one. It really plays with one’s mind. I guess it makes sense though, my life has been anything but normal. Love you too & I agree with you about life on earth being so absurd but I guess we’re here to do work & help others awaken to the truth of things. Blessings to you & keep shining you’re beautiful light ❀️.

    5. PLUGSBY

      Just know this. No one has to go under hypnosis or needs the support of the divine to be like… a racist… a serial killer. a rapists, a child molester, a corporate leech, a dream blocker, a model, a bus driver.. because those things are CHOICES. But when one goes above and beyond to verify what they are feeling, that my friend are the steps to discovery. What that is, is your path and your path only. So, here is my confession, I read “having all sorts of visitations from Angels, and Archangel Anael and I never read the rest because I took off and something screamed to me that’s him (1st Voice) Then I read, the rest. I wasn’t manipulated by the post I only read the first two lines. So, if I felt that strongly, know this, (suggestion) you truth isn’t to be shared. This is your path and yours only. Your responsibility is to YOU and only you (you hang in there too long with people). You require higher character people in your life. Don’t give away your power MAKE them SEE you. You know how I know? Because I am you too.

  2. Roxann Huffman

    The same type of experience happened to me in that the walls of my bedroom melted when the angels appeared. The atmosphere changed and it was wonderful! It was like a little bit of heaven on earth. I saw literally probably about 100K angels all lined up in rows on either side of me and behind me for as far as the eye could see. They were gold and glowing. They were all men taller than me and standing shoulder to shoulder. I gasped, and then they disappeared, but not without leaving me laughing because the one to my left had mimicked my reaction which was hilarious! I don’t think they gave me any message, but I had prayed to see angels 2 years prior, so maybe it was an answer to prayer. I would love to work with angels too, it is another prayer of mine that I prayed only a week or two ago! And by the way, you are a beautiful person. I can see why the angels will want to work with you! Maybe your video is a message to me that my prayer will be answered and I will work with angels too! That would be sooo wonderful!

    1. Elie A

      Roxann Huffman There sure are. My angel guardian is a female as well. My twin flame who is archangel Azrael visits me often in my dreams. I’ve had angel visitations all my life.

    2. Roxann Huffman

      Wow! You must really be tuned into their frequency.

    3. Elie A

      Roxann Huffman Yes, exactly that. According to my higher self, when one’s soul comes from a certain place. For example: the angel realm. That being carries that vibration with them no matter the incarnation.

    4. Roxann Huffman

      I believe I am a late bloomer, but basically, I am carrying the same vibration, I think.

    5. nfcoard

      +Roxann Huffman Angels can take on any form they want – be it a pure spirit form or a physical form. Sometimes they choose to be wingless and sometimes they choose to have wings. Sometimes they choose to be male and sometimes they choose to be female. What marks them as angels in my opinion is their conscious choice to serve in a certain way, at a certain level or levels of reality. And most importantly they embody pure love and selfless service. I think they are probably highly evolved beings. Their consciousness of love, peace and joy is advanced! They are very kind beings.

  3. Christine Bridget

    Thankyou… beautiful message!x

  4. Diane Olds

    Your story on connecting with your angels in the desert for the first time just resonated so much with me and just made me sob cause I knew the first time my angels stepped in too and it was amazing! You’re beautiful and thank you for your messages! Namaste <3

  5. Jennifer Dewey

    Very life changing!! I see angels too! I see their light. I see them all day, everyday. They give me confirmation,messages, signs and assist with my energy work.

  6. Teresa Blanco

    I always hear the same song so many times in one day,. I love country music and the song is Everything is going to be Alright!!

    1. Tomara Elaine

      Teresa Blanco I hear music too! I do feel that is from our angels

    2. Teresa Blanco

      TomaraElaine yes it is also numbers! and rainbows!

    3. Teresa Blanco

      TomaraElaine I know I feel their presence when I meditate I am a widow and I had a tumor removed (2017) it was cancer but I am cured! But I have a story to tell, on my second out patient procedure the doctors preformed another biopsy make sure I was free of Cancer cells so while I was being prepared for the biopsy a tall guy dress in Dr. Attire walks in I was kind of crying and he had a backpack and he was walking back and forward but just looking at my eyes every time he looked he smiled very softly then I was taken in and before I was rolled I never saw him again EVEN when I was out I did not see that person? I asked one of the nurses who was that young guy she goes who??? I discrived him to her and she was like what who?? That was a Angel I am positive πŸ’― about it I felt it!!! When he looked at me

  7. Jeannette Diaz

    Thank you Melanie, you are so lovely, I need it to hear this today especially;( going through some stuff in my life, but is ok, love n light πŸ’•

    1. Danielle Socha

      I saw a light being during my NDE. Angels are real!

  8. Linda Klann

    Thank you again for sharing so generously πŸ’™πŸ¦‹πŸƒ

  9. Shanna Nikolic

    You are the best. Truly. TY 😍

  10. twistedangel966

    Absolutely beautiful message. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Love you.πŸ™πŸ’™

  11. Mio Angel

    I haven’t met with Angels directly, but they were in the backyard of my house in NYC. On January 4th, 2018, they left a heart shape drew in the snow. On February, out of nowhere I met my twin flame. We are connected. Now I’d like to have a connection with my angels! Thanks Melanie for teaching us how to do it!

  12. Jeanne Frost

    So tenderly and beautifully told about your first encounter with the angels. What a blessing you are. Love and Namaste.

  13. Kia D.

    I had my first real life, face-to-face experience with an angel thanks to your one of your meditations. I will never forget it! Thank you for what you do. It is truly helpful, and Divine. Blessing

  14. Joleah Kunkel

    My first angel encounter was when I was doing Reiki on myself, and I asked the angels to step in and facilitate my healing. I saw a white light moving up and down in my minds eye…I was enjoying the visual, not realizing it was an angel, until I started to notice the light was actually a set of angel wings moving up and down…it was profound and beautiful…yes, life changing!! The other day I specifically called archangel Rapheal and it was a glowing green light….much swirlier, and at different points it looked ike angel wings again. Once you tune in, you never go back! ha! Thank you for bringing the angels into my reality Melanie! Infinite gratitude! xoxoo

    1. Joleah Kunkel

      I would say yes, from what I understand! But i say that very humbly, as i have only just started learning about this stuff. You do have to be open to the fact that how they respond may be very subtle…also, they are working with your guides and higher self for the highest purpose of your soul. If you really want to connect, Reiki is a great way to open the doors…take a Reiki course!

    2. nfcoard

      Thanks for your reply. I’ve always wanted to see angels and talk with them, and also feel their presence/energy. And also work with them while in this physical body to grow and heal myself and others. How specifically do you call on Archangel Raphael? Your encounters sounds wonderful.

    3. Joleah Kunkel

      you know, now that you ask, I realize that it was doing the meditations on Melanies website ( before I started doing Reiki on myself….when you sign up for her newsletter, you get a free angel meditation/channeling…i think that is what started it all for me! That was about 6 months ago. I would encourage you to check out Melanies website, search archangel rapheal and you will find quite a few videos on him, mediations and and healing prayers. When I am doing a Reiki session, I at the beginning i ask ‘archangel Michael, please protect me and assist me in my healing session (or meditation) and archangel Raphael, please assist me in my healing…and all other beings of the highest light for my greatest good please come in and assist me, infinite love and gratitude for your presence and assistance, thank you thank you thank you….and sometimes i keep saying thank you because everytime i do i can feel my heart center filling with love and gratitude, which raises your vibration, which allows for a stronger connection. It is seriously life changing! and so fun! warning, you may become addicted to meditating! lol!

    4. nfcoard

      Thank you for that reply and for your help! You sound like such a lovely soul and person to interact with. I wish I knew more people like you. I wish I had such easy access to the feeling of gratitude as you do. Bless you!

    5. Joleah Kunkel

      Your welcome! I experience a full range of emotions every day, negative as well! I think that is why i love my time connecting with the angelic realm so much…every time i do i find it just a tiny bit easier to handle all the rest! So many blessings on your journey!

  15. emma hallard

    Bless and thankyou Melanie,so beautifully and clearly Guardian Angel and the Archangels have helped me my whole life,j could not have got through certain phases of life without them.i love them and am always grateful for them.they are real!love to all ❀

  16. Crystal Myahto

    Yes they are very real. Even see a few when meditating. Purple pink and green πŸ˜‰.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      Yay! … And yes πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸŒΈ

  17. Neny Lei

    Thank you Melanie, for sharing your beautiful experience.

    1. Ask Angels with Melanie Beckler

      You’re most welcome! Gratitude and blessings to you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  18. Teresa by nature

    Melanie, can i ask you that why do i always start crying when i try to raise my vibration? I do feel connected to The Source and i have felt the presence of something divine, many times, but this overwelming sadness interfiers with me trying to get a connection to angels…. same thing also many times happens when i sing, and that’s sad, takes away the joy of it all… And i have worked alot with all my issues, so i don’t quit understand why this is as it is…

  19. Latoya Barnett

    I like how you pronounce “BEINGS”

  20. Ilaria Pagani

    A feather just came out of nowhere after watching this video
    W O w

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