Hearing Your Name Called and Nobody Is There? Find Out What It Means!

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Has this happened to you? You hear someone call your name… But when you look to see who is calling you, no one’s there!?

I’ve been getting requests to talk about what it means when Hearing Your Name Called and Nobody Is There…

And then when this happened to me laying in bed this morning I knew it was time to make this video!

Find out what this really means now when you’re hearing your name!

We dive into a psychological as well as a metaphysical explanation of this so be sure to watch the whole video! 🙂

Transcript here:

Hey, Melanie Beckler here and today I want to talk about what it means when you hear your name and no ones there. So before we dive into this, take a quick moment to comment below and let me know if you’ve experienced this. You can just comment with a quick yes or no.

Have you heard your name? And then no one is actually there. So my understanding is that this is a relatively common phenomenon. Scientifically, this has been measured and looked at and from a scientific perspective, there is not a correlation between hearing your name and experiencing mental health issues.

So even scientifically, this is considered to be relatively normal from a psychological perspective. Hearing your name is said to be a sort of auditory memory that your brain is replaying.

And this happens most often as you’re falling asleep right after you wake up in the morning when you’re in that hypnogogic state between waking reality and the dream world and realm of the subconscious mind.

So although there is a scientific explanation for this in many cases when you hear your name and no one’s there, there is a metaphysical connection as well. So naturally. That’s what I want to really dive into this video.

So what does that mean when you hear your name? This actually just happened to me this morning and I had been thinking about making this video for a while. Multiple people have asked me for this video and then it happened this morning.

So I was like, okay, it’s time to make the video. So first and foremost, your name is a symbol of your identity. It’s a symbol of who you are within the physical realm. When someone calls your name, you can’t help but turn and look and see who’s there. So this in and of itself shows why spiritual beings would call out your name. It’s because it gets your attention.

So if you hear your name being called, the most common metaphysical reason for this happening is because of a loved one in spirit of guide or angel or even your higher self.

The higher embodied spirit of you is reaching out with a message, with guidance just to offer validation and a reminder that there with you when you hear your name and recognize it’s coming from outside of the norm, that someone’s not actually, they’re calling out your name.

I want to remind you that you have the ability to shift your awareness within to find the space between your thoughts and just be and breathe and don’t try to make anything happen, but become open and receptive to what else may be there for you in spirit.

Because hearing your name, you are effectively tapping into the realm of spirit, through the clear audience, through your throat Chakra Center, the ability to hear in spirit and to receive messages of guidance.

So hearing your name is the entrance point, but then when you get calm, still focus within again, this most often happens as you’re drifting off to sleep or right when you wake up in the morning.

So before you get up, before you sit up in bed and look around, just take a moment to really relax back into that hypnagogic state, that state of almost sleeping but still retaining consciousness and scan around your room and noticed you perceive any different quality of energy in your space.

Perhaps you notice an incredible light. Tune into that. That’s often how angels are higher. Spiritual beings will alert you to their presence. Their energy signature is light.

If you tune into something that’s really weird or honestly, if you get freaked out or scared, call in Archangel Michael to surround you with light, to protect you, to release any negative beings or attachments or earthbound energies into the light and to fill your space with love, light, and peace…

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  1. Megan Johnston

    Yes, it woke me up at night and scared the crap out of me!!! Then I immediately thought that my guides were trying to warn me about something.

    1. TaMya Young

      Megan Johnston I’ve been hearing someone yell wake up! In my ear before I wake up in the middle of the night or morning and there’s nothing there scared when it first started happening still kinda of does


    Holy crap I hear this all the time ! Loud when I sleep or a loud Tone like a door Bell BTW Love the native shirt ^^

    1. Mary Mitchell

      My husband and I heard the “doorbell” like noise, kinda sound like chimes at the same time! Ive been wondering if it was Jesus Christ letting us know he is coming and its gonna be like a theif in the 🌙

    2. Jobje Rabbeljee

      Better see a doctor with those auditory trips

  3. God is in Control

    I hear multiple voices everyday at all times of the day or night. I also feel the energy in the room, and it touches me. Certain people drive down my road and I hear their voice say my name and I feel their energy like a wave washing over me. This has been happening for over a decade.

    1. Karen Bar

      Me too

    2. iLUV3i •-•

      Check out “@spiritual so” – YouTuber

    3. Q don't care

      Watch young PHARAOH

  4. Phoenix

    Yes I have sometimes when I’m falling asleep or when I’m waking up and sometimes during the day thanks so much for this video sending you love and light and universal blessings hugs from Canada 😘🤗💖🇨🇦

  5. Kerry Fitzpatrick

    OMG. Yes pretty often lately. A couple days ago I was doing yard work and I heard someone yell my name, nobody else was around. The voice sounded like my mom, she passed away in 2012. Her wake was 2 days later…. On her birthday. I always thought of that to be a beautiful synchronicity. Everyone who knew her remembers her as being one of the most loving, kind, beautiful people they have ever met….. She truly is an angel 😇. Thanks Melanie for making a video of this subject

  6. Dark Crescent

    Yes, several times. It is loud and clear. Thought I was going off my rocker. I hear it during the day.

    1. SoRagid_

      Oh and it was a night

    2. Dylan FAZE

      Na I think theres a ghost that follows me I hear a whisper at school I was fucking scared and when i grabbed my phone under heath the bed it happend


      Its is coming from your head it s nothing scary

    4. Analphabet

      @SoRagid_ I’m 26 and same thing happened to me around that age. It was also my mom and at night. I was alone and heard it coming from some other room. It was very clear. Not a whisper but my mom calling my name as if she was calling me over. My dumbass responded “what?”

    5. Anita Burnette

      It’s happened to me many times. It’s even woke me up from a deep Sleep.

  7. jrlilstar

    I have not heard my name yet, but 2 weeks ago I was not feeling great with my body at a waterpark and the next day when waking up I heard “you are beautiful just the way you are” it was beautiful and perfectly timed 💖✨

    1. e l l a

      jrlilstar ❤️❤️

  8. Sincere Soul

    I’ve just experienced this and that’s why I’m here 🔮

    1. kakyoin senpai

      @xuseai – ok

    2. kakyoin senpai

      @xuseai – I add you or?

    3. kakyoin senpai

      @xuseai – it is villanidarius

    4. kakyoin senpai

      @xuseai – I want to know the story plz

    5. riz1738

      This video made me cry this happens to me the light and everything the signs are all there we just have to put it together we are woke and loved and protected I have to be thankful I was very depressed after a breakup it broke me down but GOD will always be there praying to him has helped me in so many ways ❤

  9. amber gaines

    My son all the time! Several times a week he’ll yell “ Yesss “ and I say “no one called you “. He says mama it’s so clear!

    1. Brittany Moody

      My nephew has been doing this a lot within the last 5 months… He’ll pop his head out his door and ask if someone called for him

  10. 1111Visual Healers

    I hear this so clearly when I’m asleep it wakes me up and because I’m scared they don’t say anything else

    1. TaMya Young

      1111Visual Healers I’ve been hearing someone yell wake up! In my ear before I wake up in the middle of the night or morning and there’s nothing there scared when it first started happening still kinda of does

    2. You’re Wrong.

      TaMya Young someone told me it’s a demon trying to lure you out of your room

    3. TaMya Young

      You’re Wrong. Hasn’t happened in awhile 🤷🏻‍♀️ probably just nightmares I suffer from trauma used to be abused at night and other stuff when I was younger so I figure it’s just me subconsciously having the trauma creep back

  11. tchsavoy

    My boyfriend recently passed an sometimes i hear his voice calling my name … When i talk about him i usually get the chills

    1. Mi Mondesir


    2. Meagan Jones

      So sorry for ur loss

  12. jack mullan

    I would assume that all the people watching this has had this happen to them cause we wouldn’t be here if it didn’t

    1. Spiritual Mike

      jack mullan exactly

    2. Troit 96


  13. krystal Acevedo

    Yes and I say “yes” but no one answers, I ask everyone if they called me but they say “no”.

    1. Addan’s Piano and gaming

      Me too

    2. ·Kimeniah_ Gacha playz·

      Same dude….I thought my dad call me and I just woke up my dad😂

  14. Brenda Warren

    I had the MOST magical experience while waking up. The voice I heard was the most Loving and beautiful sounding deep male voice that I have ever heard in my entire life that said, “Hi Brenda.” I have never felt that much Love being directed towards me. I have always so very much wanted to know who it was. Thank you for your guidance about becoming quite within and opening up the heart for more information. All my life I have always seen sparkles in the air and the invisible movement of air. Things slightly move in my home as well. I also get a lot of tingling in my legs as apposed to at my crown area. Do you think that is guidance to help me try to ground more Melanie? Thank you so much for the Love & Light & Knowledge that you share. Much Joy, Happiness, Love & Light to you dovey.

  15. I dk

    One time I was sleeping and I randomly woke up to someone calling my name….

    1. riz1738

      @Angel Burkhart sameeee thats why I’m here idk if it was my friend or what because he’s at work lol it’s weird and it’s the same voice idk what to believe lol