Is the Dark Angel A Metaphor?

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There are several beliefs regarding Satan.  The only thing we can know for sure is that the Dark Angel is also the Master of a Thousand Faces.  From civilization to civilization, he’s been portrayed as much as a creature with bestial features as one with human ones.  As a force symbolically connected to the worlds of instinctive forces and carnal impulses, the Prince of the Shadows has more than one trick up his sleeve. 

God Moves in Mysterious Ways: The Dark Angel’s Origin

When we ask ourselves about the origin of the Devil, the answer is almost always the same: Lucifer was the most beautiful and beloved Archangel in Heaven, and pride made him rebel against God and fall from Grace. However, if we believe that God’s will is insurmountable and that all follow His Divine Plan, how could the little detail of an enormous rebellion have gotten past Him? Maybe it didn’t. 

Maybe, part of God’s Divine Plan counted on a Dark Angel capable of living amongst the shadows and simultaneously fighting against them. Are we going too far in trying to rationalize Lucifer’s disrespectful behavior? Maybe… But there’s another, more logical reason. You see, in a way, the Devil’s existence gives God a raison d’être.

The Dark Angel in All of Us:

According to Jungian psychological theory, archetypes are figures and ideas that manifest themselves repeatedly in our cultures. With just a fleeting glance at a satyr, a creature that is half goat and half man, any one of us is able to recognize the Devil personified.  Why is that? Well, that’s due to an elaborate marketing scheme of epic proportions. The Devil has been around for quite some time, even longer than God’s only son, Jesus Christ. 

The image of the male goat was used in ancient Greece, and in polytheistic pantheons before then, to represent the loss of control over one’s instincts.  The mythos of the god Pan, half-goat, and half man, was constructed around the raping of nymphs, the imbibing of copious amounts of alcohol, and the carnal pleasures of the Festival of Dionysus. 

This well-endowed, beastly, and insatiable predator acts as an example, even today, of what happens when the repression of base instincts has reached its limit. Pan, with his pointy ears and horns, is lascivious and lustful.  He represents the kingdom of desire, the internal nature that exists disconnected from the external world. 

Why Does God Allow His Existence?

We know that God and his Angels can intervene in favor of human beings.  In fact, angelic numerology is one of the tools through which they transmit their messages to help us grow spiritually.  However, if God is omnipotent, why does he allow the existence of a Dark Angel?  Maybe because this evil metaphor is… Well, a necessary evil.

To make your peace with the Devil, you must be able to see what occurs in the shadows of the darkest of nights.  In doing so, understanding our own shadow becomes a matter of opening a dialogue with the darkest characteristics of our psyche, those that are hidden deep in our unconscious mind.  When you’re able to activate your radar, you’ll be able to deepen your understanding of the mysteries within you and make peace with the Devil that resides in every single one of us.

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