Who is Archangel Chamuel?

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Archangel Chamuel’s name means, “ He who sees God”.  This Archangel is also known by other names such as; Camiel, Camael, and Samael.   Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of peace and strength through adversity.  He assists humanity through times when they are facing seemingly impossible situations and are giving up on hope.  He has been regarded as chief to the order of powers. 

Archangel Chamuel also plays an important role in assisting with love relationships.  He is associated with the heart chakra. He helps to heal, strengthen and restore relationships.  Working with higher emotions of love is one of his specialties. Some have given him the title of, “Archangel of love.”  He is also known to be a “protector angel,” as he oversees the protection of the world of relationships on a mass level. 

Archangel Chamuel Esoteric Correspondences

Archangel Chamuel rules the planet Mars.  He corresponds to the tarot cards that relate to the planet Mars within certain Zodiac Signs.  An exclusion is the Tower, as this card is solely ruled by Mars. The other cards are; 2 of Wands (Mars in Aries), 9 of Swords (Mars in Gemini), 7 of Wands (Mars in Leo), 5 of Cups (Mars in Scorpio), 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn), and 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces).

Archangel Chamuel is associated with the element of fire.  He is in charge of looking after the protection of hearts. He is especially connected to those zodiac signs possessing a fire element.  Those signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Archangel Chamuel also rules over the zodiac sign of Aries. He especially watches over those born under the Sun in Aries.  He helps these individuals develop their self-esteem and patience. Many Arians feel insecure deep inside, despite their dominant personalities. Arians also tend to be one of the most impatient signs of the zodiac.  He is also connected with the Emperor card within the tarot. 

There are appropriate times to carry out certain activities according to the planetary hours. Ancient Astrologers knew this.  In the book, “Angels A to Z, Second Edition, the author mentions the Swiss Astrologer and Alchemist Paracelsus and how he “always chose to prepare chemical compounds on days and during hours when the ruling planet matched the therapeutic intent behind his compounds.  The Angels for the planetary hours are simultaneously the angels for the seven days of the week.” Archangel Chamuel corresponds to the day of the week of Tuesday. He rules the month of January.

Archangel Chamuel works with the color pink and light green.  Corresponding gemstones for Archangel Chamuel are rose quartz and green fluorite.  Corresponding birds of Archangel Chamuel are the magpie, owl, and robin. It has been said he governs people between the ages of 28 to 35 years of age.  Essential oils to help invoke Archangel Chamuel would be neroli, rose, frankincense, melissa, geranium, and chamomile. 

Archangel Chamuel is one of the ten sephiroth angels who govern the pathway of love on the Tree of Life, in the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah.  Within Kabalistic lore, he is considered one of the ten emanations, or one of the Sefiroth.

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