Who Is Samael?

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The more we enter the world of angels, the darker the mysteries we find become.  Among those secrets of which little is spoken is the Archangel Samael, the Angel of Death.  In this article, we will reveal his characteristics, history, myths, and representations to remove the veil of mystery that looms over that inevitable companion of our last moments on earth.

Samael: The Angel of Death

Ancient, feared, inexorable.  Death exerts on humans such an attractive and repellent energy that we cannot ignore it.  The typical representation of death is that of a skeleton with a scythe, sometimes naked, sometimes with a black robe that covers its sharp bones.  To think that death can be an angel then poses numerous enigmas.

Is Death good or bad?

Is there eternal life?

Is Samael allied with Satan?  After all, it’s known that Lucifer was once an angel too… 

This boatman who moves souls to the kingdom of heaven to enjoy eternal life carries a difficult burden on his bony shoulders.  The fear of death is a cultural legacy very characteristic of the West. For other cultures, death is only a transition between one life and the other, between one level of existence and the next.

Neither Bad nor Evil:

The angel of death is an archangel known as Samael.  This archangel held a preeminent place in heaven until, along with Lucifer, he decided to rebel against God.  However, unlike Lucifer who was listed as “the bad guy” by definition, Samael occupies a rather gray area within Judeo-Christian Theology.

Of Jewish origin, Samael means “Blindness of God” or “poison of God”.  However, there is no passage in the Bible that directly mentions Samael.  In fact, little is known about the Biblical version of the transition from the world of the living to the realm of the dead.  However, it is understood that the mission of an angel, even that of a fallen angel, comes directly from the hand of God.

Therefore, Samael executes the will of God when he goes to take away the souls of the dead, but Samael is not responsible for delivering judgment to these souls…  That role is God’s and God’s alone.

What is Death After All:

Accepting death as an inevitable fact of our lives is a legacy that brings us closer to our ancestors and predecessors.  It is a thin thread that is woven between the billions of stories that make up our genetics, our history.

And observing that infinite loop of moments, hugs, kisses and lovers that became who we are today, that became you, dear reader…  Would it be good if we asked ourselves: do we really die? Are we sure there is nothing after death?

Just as we have studied the meaning of each number according to angelic numerology, we could reach a conclusion that can be difficult to see in its obviousness.  If there is a message from the archangel Samael to us, that message is: live every day to the fullest, love with all your heart and pursue your happiness as if it were your last day on earth…  It might just be.

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