15 Gifts for the Astrology Lover in Your Life

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Do you have a special person in your life who loves Astrology?  Whether it is a friend, family member, co-worker, or acquaintance, this list of Astrology gifts will surely please any Astrology lover.

1.       Astronomical Ball Ring– This unique ring is inspired by a 16th century Germany finger ring.  The Astronomical Ball Ring looks like any other ring until the band is opened.  It then surprisingly turns into cosmic like sphere with engraved Astrology signs. The qualities of this ring also make it an unforgettable collectable and it is unisex in nature.

2.       Custom & Personalized Astrology Birth Chart Art/Wall Hanging– Most Astrology lovers would love to turn their birth chart into a personalized work of art.  CL Astrology customizes Astrology Birth Charts into magnificent pieces of art. They offer several options for the type of layout and paper for your birth chart. 

3.       Moon Phases Silver Sterling Ring– This simple and stylish vintage ring features the Lunar phases on it making it a must have for any Astrology lover. It is dainty and well crafted, and pretty much goes well with anything.

4.       Stardust Magnetic Wrist Watches– Stardust Watches makes a stardust faced watch with a minimalist sleek design.  These watches have a magnetic band for easy wear and convenience. They come available in purple, black, bronze, rose gold, blue and red.

5.       Astrology Dice Set- An Astrology Dice Set is a fun and creative way to play divination games.  These sets come in a variety of shapes, colors, and material makeup.  Some are available in iridescent crystal or come with a stylish storage box or bag. 

6.       Starry Sky Projector Lamp- Turn any room into a cosmic night sky with this Starry Sky Projector Lamp.  See the planets, Moon, and stars while relaxing within your home.  This gift is great for adults and kids alike. 

More Gifts for the Astrology Lover

7.       Zodiac Hooded Blanket- Who doesn’t love a cozy blanket to snuggle up in?  The Hooded Blanket Store sells personalized Astrology Zodiac Signs Hooded blankets. This is a perfect gift for the Astrology lover in your life!

8.       Universe in a Necklace– This glass pendant holds the universe in a delicate crystal ball. Beautifully hand-crafted with a stunning design, it is sure to please any Astrology lover.

9.       Zodiac Drawstring Bags-Most Astrology lovers also like Tarot, Crystals, Runes, Stones and Astrology Dice. Redbubble has a collection of  custom Astrology Zodiac Drawstring Bags that can store any of these metaphysical essentials and more. 

10.   Moonstone Ring- Moonstone is a very popular stone among Astrology lovers.  It signifies protection, intuition, psychic power and insight. This timeless stone is sure to please any Astrology lover in your life. Moonstone rings come in various styles and shapes.

 11.   Moon Lamp-The Original Moon Lamp sells a variety of Moon lamps. They come with different stands, colors, shapes and sizes. There is a Moon lamp shaped like the planet Jupiter, and even a levitating Moon lamp!

12.   Astrology Wall Hanging/Tapestry-Astrology Wall Hangings/Tapestries make great gifts for any Astrology lover due to their ability to be used in a versatile nature. They can be used as wall art, tablecloths, table runners, and decorative pieces.

13.   Zodiac Cosmetics Palette-BH cosmetics makes various zodiac cosmetics. A very popular one is the Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette.  The Astrology lover in your life will have 25 dazzling eye effects to choose and use from.

14.   Zodiac Perfume- How about a zodiac inspired perfume for the Astrology lover in your life? The Zodiac Perfumery offers your choice of the 12 zodiac signs in regular sized and travel sized bottles.

15.   Zodiac Candles- Soul terra offers mysterious pyramid shaped Astrology zodiac candles for the Astrology lover in your life.  These mysterious candles contain personalized zodiac sign runes, charms and crystals inside. They also contain elemental scents using essential oils and pthalate free ingredients.

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