5 PAGAN TRADITIONS: How the Ancients Celebrated Beltane

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Fire dancing to appease mystical fairies! Incantations to save the tribe’s cattle! These are the wild pagan celebrations of old – in fact, many of these traditions have survived until today. These dramatic rituals were all a part of the Gaelic summer celebration of Beltane – the holiday of bright fire!

This is Ancient Origins, and today we’ll be exploring the top 5 amazing Beltane celebrations!

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  1. Cinda Schuster

    (For thousands of years) until the Catholic church took it upon them self and murdered every one they could find! These so called Pagans held hight knowledge that the so called church didn’t want the common people to have!

    1. Ancient Origins

      Thanks for watching!

  2. foxfirewalkingstick

    Thank you so much for such a timely release of this content!

    1. Ancient Origins

      Glad you enjoyed it! THanks for watching.

  3. TheDarkApex

    I myself am pagan and i love our celebrations
    unfortunetly christains to this day still think were satanists or baal or moloch worshipers

    1. Danielle J

      @Richard Richard I don’t think you came across as worked up. I totally understand where you are coming just spreading Yahuahs word.

    2. Donald Dingerson

      Let christians think whatever they want. Paganism is our true religion.

    3. XanpanXander

      Richard Richard blessed be but I will keep my beliefs thank you for the suggestion

    4. everyonesfavoriteeggplant

      Richard Richard I don’t think I will 👁👄👁

    5. ItsMe Vercenitorix!

      @Richard Richard Ummm, to be polite, No thank you LOL

  4. betty stephenson

    thanks for the share

  5. mathew riedhammer

    Would like to celebrate one day as an honor to my heritage

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