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Myths and legends of giants go back through every culture in every corner of the world. In many cases, the mythological aspect of these giants is obvious. But sometimes, the stories aren’t so heavily exaggerated and there is even evidence that giants did once walk the earth.

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  1. TheTot Process

    In every myth, there’s a grain of truth.

    1. run teldat

      Tim Hallas
      Why not choose a prophecy to disprove the Bible? There are hundreds to choose from.

    2. Tim Hallas

      @run teldat : That’s all yours man. These people will never admit the prophecies are bullshit.

    3. run teldat

      Tim Hallas
      Just pick one, it should be easy right? The only people who say the Bible is bullshit are people who haven’t studied it.

    4. Tim Hallas

      @Blind Squid Try to find and read all of my posts on the subjects of religion and ancient history. I think you will find an accumulation of many years of real understanding of the human mind. History has to be figured out, not drawn from historical opinions. The men who wrote the bible, for instance, didn’t really understand their world, let alone the universe, therefore their opinions were devoid of reason and knowledge. All we can derive from their writings is that they were weak minded, scientifically ignorant, and emotionally unstable.. Take that as knowledge of them, not of the world they so poorly represented in their babblings .

  2. Living Ash Tree

    Attack on Titans used to be real

    1. Animemes 1273

      No but that’s to happen 2000 years from now

    2. Frank Castle

      Giants were people between 6’5 and 7’0….I know you’re thinking, that’s not extraordinary…well in ancient times when men were smaller this would’ve been a big deal! Imagine you being 5’4 and you run into someone Shaqs size…. you’d go Giant!!

    3. Living Ash Tree

      @Frank Castle Shaq’s size is still humanly possible, I mean he’s big yeah, he’s a giant “human”… Giant but still keyword human
      Actual giants like we are talking about are actually giant, beyond anyhuman possibility.

    4. Frank Castle

      @Living Ash Tree I don’t think people that big would lived very long then

    5. Frode96

      Forget therse videos, look up mudfossil giants on youtube, it was real and some were even bigger

  3. Black Plague

    Nobody thought dinosaurs were here until they came across bones in late 19th century. They are some truths behind myths. I’m sure there have been lots of weird things on earth over the course of time and a lot we will never know because I’m sure earth has had thousands of cataclysmic events that destroy majority of animals and force a change in dynamics of life on planet

    1. Tim Hallas

      @laser325: if anyone thinks a 15 foot giant human could handle 20 ton stones any better than 5 foot 6 inch humans with big brains, ropes and levers , doesn’t understand the basic physics of biology. A giant might lift one ton, but never 10 or 20. He’d still need a pulley or lever.

    2. Blind Squid

      What little bone fragments they use to conjecture large creatures. You don’t think someone in ancient times didn’t find these bones too? With nothing educational to work with…….giants. There you go.

    3. Drake C.

      The lovelock cave skulls solves that problem. The red hen monstrosity of a skull in 1970 something MK Davis‘s friend shows pictures of this red haired giant skull that came from the lovelock cave he took the pictures in the Lovelock museum back in1970s A few years back MK Davis and his friends return to the museum to document this close of the redhaired creatures but they were taken away and said that they never had red hair Giants at that museum but the pictures that he had from the 1970s showed that they did have them!!

    4. Tim Hallas

      @Drake C.I have seen lots of “pictures” of giants…. but still no real bones in existence.. I have seen “pictures” of unicorns and fairies and gremlins too… so what?

    5. Anton Back

      So… Fairies and Santa must be real! Anything is possible!

  4. Coccelo

    A cataclysm in recent history would surely have increased selective pressures on large hominids(and megafauna). The less you need to eat, the more likely you will survive.

  5. Rudra Mitra

    Mounds with giat skeletons havd been found in India too. Then we come across the CIA document for Remote Viewing Giants on Mars

  6. meta

    Who benefits from hiding that giants might have existed?

    1. TheBlondie

      @Alex johnson Yes, there were times when climate was better and there was more O2 on the atmosphere so, very possibly that some early humans were gigantic in comparisson to us… specially during the Ice Ages I believe.

    2. Shae House

      Satan. Giants prove the Bible is real. The Nephilim are real. The fallen angels are real.

    3. Shae House

      People in power “the elite” and the Lucifereans have known and hid the Giants from th e public world wide.
      They don’t want you to know that the Bible is real. Because then you can free yourself from them.

    4. MrShelbyGTman

      @Zyxyx Well, they do exist, but it wasn’t magic, paranormal, etc. They were just taller than average people. Even among the “Giants” own people it wasn’t common to be “Giant”. The giant femur they show on this could be from a gigantoapithicus. It could be from a neanderthal. There were several neanderthals that were much bigger and two or so species that were 7 to 8 ft tall and average weight was 300-400lbs.

    5. Amun Ra Royal lineage

      meta atheists

  7. Patriot R

    Odin killed all the giants

    1. Purple Space Cow Studios

      no i didn’t! (my name is odin.)

    2. O Davis

      Patriot R Moses wipes out all the giant Kingdoms except for one.
      Read the scriptures.
      “(That also was accounted a land of giants : giants dwelt therein in old time; and the Ammonites call them Zamzummims;
      A people great, and many, and tall, as the Anakins; but the Lord destroyed them; and they succeeded them, and dwelt in their stead:
      As he did to the children of Esau, which dwelt in Seir, when he destroyed the Horims from before them, and dwelt in their stead even to this day.
      And the Avims which dwelt in Hazerim, even unto Azzah, the Caphtorims, which came forth out of Caphtor, destroyed them, and dwelt in their stead”
      Deuteronomy 2: 20 – 23

      “The city’s are great and walled up to heaven. ”  Deuteronomy 1:

    3. Λεωνανδρος Περγαμενος

      The Olympian gods killed the Giants (Titans)

  8. Jake Hewig

    Okay one flaw with this theory, the larger the animal, the thicker it needs to be to support its own weight, so a 15 foot tall biped human would have to have much stronger and thicker bones and muscles as well as much wider frames

    1. Jared James

      exactly. dude’s would be built like Brock Lesnar time’s ten. bring giants back. the NFL would be so lit lmao

    2. Alex Thompson

      I think Thanos is a good standin for Goliath’s size.

    3. Corvo Batmano

      They need to be

      E X T R A T H I C C

    4. Athanatoi

      Giants didn’t get extinct. They evolved into smaller sizes